10 Best Lightweight Aircrafts and Private Jets You Should See in 2017

Ever getting tired of driving to and from the airport and then flying in a packed cabin? Check out this list of futuristic personal lightweight aircrafts that might not ever require a landing strip and luxurious private jets for extreme comfort and speed of the flight.

Flying transport featured in this video:

Bell FCX-001: www.bellhelicopter.com/news/press-release/2017/3/bell-helicopter-vision-for-future

Icon A5: http://iconaircraft.com/

The Co50 Valkyrie: www.cobalt-aircraft.com/co50-valkyrie/

Valkyrie in flight: www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/video-top-secret-star-wars-like-valkyrie-first-flight-revealed

E-Fan 2.0: www.airbusgroup.com/int/en/corporate-social-responsibility/airbus-e-fan-the-future-of-electric-aircraft.html

FLYNANO: flynano.com/

SOLAR IMPULSE 2: www.solarimpulse.com/

Aerion AS2: www.aerionsupersonic.com/press-center/

XTI AIRCRAFT: www.xtiaircraft.com/home/

Vision Vtol: www.visionvtol.weebly.com/vision-vtol.html

Lilium Jet: https://lilium.com/


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  1. there's no way that the one called VTOL could sustain level flight with all edf's in the full horizontal thrust position… no wing, no vertical thrust equals plummet to the ground…

  2. The Lilium (#10) looks interesting, but I would be scared poopless to fly something that's propelled by what look like a bunch of computer cooling fans.

  3. There is no word "aircrafts." Aircraft is both singular and plural.
    The name of the company is Bell Helicopter, not Bell Helicopters.

  4. You know, I'm done with watching 12 ads while seeing 1 video, 1 ad per video is reasonable, From now on, I'll just paste in this comment into the comment section, and move on, goodbye!

  5. All the designs are plausible but imo, as far as vtol goes, the safest most practical aircraft here is the Lilium Jet. All the Non VTOL designs suffer the same issues as normal air travel, They need an airport and runway. as such will suffer the same issues as any small aircraft operation. As for the VTOL aircraft, Lilium jet is the only truly safe design, in that its rotors are not exposed,eliminating the very real danger and threat to both occupants and bystanders that those other designs have in abundance.. Those other designs like the Ehang 184 will fly, but in the case of the 'inevitable' accident, they would have rotor blades fragments sheering off at high speeds everywhere. The exposed rotor designs are indeed dangerous. Lilium Jets turbo fans are very small and encased, which means a person could literally be standing beside the plane during take off and landing with no threat from its engines. In its inevitable accident the rotors will remain encased, bringing no additional dangers to anyone. As such Lilium could conceivably operate anywhere. Take off and land from ones own driveway, or Vtol pad locations. Its built in safety is what sets it apart from the rest, and is what i believe will enable it to pass FAA regulations far faster than any other Vtol or practical aircraft design. And to see its maiden test flight was truly something to behold, as for the first time, it was clear to see that long desired vision of the personal VTOL aircraft take flight. It truly looked like the future. That scifi blade runner dream finally brought to reality. The irony is that Lilium's layout and design is something that couldve been created many decades ago. its not like its some kinda zero gravity aircraft. its old RC technology being used in a clever way. And the better battery technology gets, the better lilium will become. Lilium jet is the one im banking on.

  6. Hi. I'm pretty sure the Icon A5 will keep you waiting at least 5 years if not 10. Huge waiting list, and they're making little headway with production. If I had 10 million dollars to invest in them, I surely would. they're about the best SLSA on the market, and have great potential

  7. None of these aircraft are viable given their current design. At best they will transport self-entitled people at huge expense. None of these craft are anywhere near a viable proposition for moderate transport, let alone mass transport. Eventually the inherent efficiency/power/expense issues will be overcome, but it is fantasy to suggest these craft will be operating commercially in the time scale predicted.

  8. lilium won't fly, the engines ruin the wing shape. plus no tail rudder, why complicate it with need for vectored thrust. And where's the pitch control?

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