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Are we on the verge of a cryptocurrency bull run? Let’s go over the crypto market news in this Coffee and Crypto!
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  1. Ncash is hot, everyone must have it and be proud. It will be the next bitcoin, buy now that it is still cheap, or you'll miss the train!
    In a month it will be doubled and in about 3-3,5 months, it will have been 6-9x approximatelly.
    In a year it will have been over $1 at least (about $1,10 – $1,35)
    And for the lucky hodlers, in 5 years it will have been $10-$13

  2. Ohh c'mon man… you are way to optimistic all the time and pretty much always incorrect with your predictions… I know your not a TA guy but cmon… That kinda sounds bad because i really appreciate what your trying to do, but… you've been saying bull run back to 600b-800b incoming… for too long.

  3. haha the 600b lmfao just nonsense out of your aas. that’s why people are going to stay poor first because of dumbasses like you and second is that people are stupid that listen to idiots like you. and max ? my dogs fart sounds better than his voice

  4. haha bullshit. you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. every time market is green that doesn’t mean big bullrun dumbass. every time market drops you idiots make a video with a tittle market crash and when green it’s bull run wtf man. you talk out of your ass my friend. the reason why you don’t lose you subbs is because of ltc giveaways. i don’t know wtf is wrong with people that they listen to you. there’s so much better youtubers that dose the job1000000 time better than this idiot with his his stupid morning show.

  5. Are you color-blind? It's already Sunday and you still see green. Prices are at the lowest for each kryptos. We're all losing money so far.. I think you should have a crystal ball in front of you instead of a laptop. LOL

  6. Hopefully after G20 we can see big investors come in and start a bull run! Great videos!
    LTC: M8ikPALQsEkvXBzE5uzedUp7kto4GPj82H

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