Let’s Talk About Tesla Roadster 2020!

Thoughts on Tesla Roadster 2. Next gen sports cars are going to be simply insane. That hoodie: http://amzn.to/2A93eM8 Bjorn Nyland video: https://youtu.be/tSIonjvcHW4 DragTimes video: https://you…


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  1. Lots of extreme specs and beautiful too. This roadster is going to be one hot vixen. Wives are gonna be jealous.

  2. Why is the wheelbase that long? Stability? For spreading the battery over a longer area, closer to the ground? Or does it have 2 real seats in the back? PS: Now I hear it has 4 seats, but huge leg room makes no sense as long as the roof is so arched and lowered in the back, so the headroom is very little.

  3. This will be the fastest quarter mile in a production car, at least compared to the cars that are out now. It even beats the dodge demon up

  4. How do you say it speaks for itself I don't know. you're right how do you end this. there's no ending . it's just the beginning. ??⚡

  5. It's just amazing how a company that started 11 years ago have achieved this thing so fast. Shows how technology improved over the years .p.

  6. Please more details about this car. Between two cars, i choose Rimac. More information is out there and Tesla is a little bit quiet about sharing. Only 10.000nm, 0-60: 1.9 etc.. What Rimac did in these few short years, most of you people didn't hear about that. And btw. Nikola Tesla is born about 100 kilometres away from Rimac.

  7. They are going to have to increase the miles on the truck or it wont work. Need 500-550 at least just for situational purposes. Im curious though how this truck will handle steep grades. We know torqe is not the issue but what kind of drain will the battery have. Also, how will the truck handle going down steep grades? Cant downshift to use the engine as a brake. What is the plan for mountain driving? Very curious about all this.

  8. You are correct, this is an amazing car. I'm Canadian, co-author of The Fortunate Few and after your youtube video, you are making me want to be among the fortunate few that would have this roadster. We have a website (thefortunatefew) about how to do as we did to be financially free but perhaps I need to ad a blog on how to go about getting this car. Great youtube video. Thanks

  9. I’m sorry but you were saying number over and over again and I love that because these are just numbers. They have not been proven and I have my doubts. 1.9 is possible. BUT if you really think you can get that to do a 1.6 you’re kidding youreself

  10. What is the braking distance? How many G’s can it pull? What tires do the car run off the factory? Are there brembo brakes? Are there any lap time references?

    My point, is that anyone who is actually a serious car person and is willing to buy this car would want to know at least some of the questions I have listed above. Tesla made some bad mistakes by not giving the information that the audience buying this car would want.

  11. something feels off with this car.. kinda goes too fast for its looks.. Looks like a coca cola can on steroids.. I feel like it would crumble like a paper if it hit anything … dunno..

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