Samsung Galaxy S9 review

We review the Samsung Galaxy S9, one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2018. After the Galaxy S8 had some questionable biometrics, the latest addition to the Galaxy line makes it easier…


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  1. Unlike the rest of us, the reviewers have had this phone for a while now. I watched and read the reviews carefully. Based on the positive reviews, I bought this phone when it was released for sale on March 16th. In less than 24 hours with the phone, I found a MAJOR FLAW. The phone does not let you assign different SMS message tones to individual contacts. I am shocked that the reviewers failed to mention such a basic problem. I guess the Galaxy S9+ turned out to be more of a worm hole and the reviewers are just mouth pieces for the manufacturer.

  2. Sorry I don't want to look like a chicken on Apple's animoji or a poop… Samsung did it right just use yourself as an emoji. This Samsung s9+ is near perfect. Can't imagine what Samsung will do with the Note 9, S10, Note 10, foldable phone. But anyway people will complain especially these tech reviewers. Some are just sponsored and puppets of big corporations and are paid to talk a certain way to influence their viewer's.

  3. One thing I have to tell and I dont have any rights to tell but i m using note8 and today I had gone to a store I had seen bot phone s9 and s9plus they said s9 and s9plus have more rounded corners in beside s8 plus was there I compared even s8plus have more rounded corners that is ok but even I compared my note8 have more edge really and I was seeing the fingerprint sensor it's ugly if i m touching I feel like I m touching nothing very small and ar emoji how much will u use in a day thing no superslo mo how much will u use same as s8plus even s8plus looks superb handy compact and mindblowing note8 is a different thing but this is superugly s9 and s9plus and i was trying see and buy but i decided not at all really the screen is so small even in s9plus in mobile the recorded things looks like good bit if i saw live nothing its super ugly it seems like u are steping ourlt the stairs from up and finish really if u cant believe see live and one thing not a single improvement in screen it is ditto same copy to copy just its new thats y it looks unique

  4. I Suddenly Became Rather Interested In The Samsung Galaxy S8~About 2 Weeks Ago~In The Wake Of All The Hype And Excitement Over The New Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9+…I Hope To Have That Splendid Device Eventually…

  5. Always a pleasure to watch your reviews Beavy , I am disappointed you havent talked about the Dual speakers and Dolby atmos ………. my take on this is that the S9+ is the real contender for smartphone of this year more ram great battery dual camera and with the new under the camera location of the fingerprint scanner makes it a perfect choice compared to the s8+ last year

  6. Why the f*** are people crying that it looks similar to S8? Apple pulls this shit everytime..keeps Same design language for years..but that's okay because it's apple..this is still the best design phone on the market period..that stupid pixel looks so ugly with those huge bezzels no wireless charging mediocre display no fast much bias nowadays

  7. Why are ppl making a issue out of the s9 to s8, and saying it barely changed? It has 9 new features. Here's the facts. What can people say that's different from the pixel 1 to pixel 2 besides the camera? Lg didnt even change the lg v30 to LG v30s, HTC doesn't even makes phone anymore. Sony just now changed their box design after 5yrs. Motorola phones look the same for the last 3yrs. IPhone literally had the same phone design for 4yrs (technically 10). But ppl gave it a pass and said they've updated the camera, speed and resolution. What the hell did hwauwei change? Reviewers/ppl are always critical on any thing Samsung does, but give passes to other manufacturers. the s9 isn't for s8 and note 8 users. Clearly the s9 isn't marketed for them because those phones are fairly new. The s9 is for s7 / note 5 /2016 Samsung users and below. Ppl need to Stop complainin. If you're happy with your phone then stick with it, because no phone manufacture "innovates" every single yr

  8. I have an S8 Plus, and already pre-ordered my S9 Plus in Midnight Black…

    Going from my S8 Plus to a S9 Plus, I will get:

    A CPU performance upgrade of 33%.
    A GPU performance upgrade of 30 to 40%.
    Memory upgrade from 4GB's to 6GB's, to better 'future-proof' this Smart Phone, and should help to retain its value.
    The new upgraded larger storage capacity supported on micro SD card of up to 2TB's, but currently a 400GB Micro SD card is the biggest you can buy. A 512GB Micro SD card is supposed to be released in a few months. This larger size storage is handy for recording 4K video.
    New ability to record 4K video at 60FPS.
    The new screen improvements, brighter, with even darker blacks.
    The new thicker Gorilla Glass 5, for added strength.
    New stronger frame, made with an even thicker gauge metal than the S8 has.
    New upgraded speakers that are louder that the S8 has, and now added a second speaker too!!
    New camera feature using D RAM, to take multiple pictures at once, to make 1 killer picture.
    New Dual camera. (a wide-angle dual aperture lens 12MP camera and a 12MP telephoto camera.)
    New Super Slow Mode… At 960FPS. Epic!!
    Finger print scanner now moved to an improved spot.
    New variable aperture, a first on any smart phone ever… This feature is normally found on high-end digital cameras.
    New version of the OS going from Android version 7 Nougat, to version 8 Oreo.
    The Samsung Options Menu getting upgraded to a new version found only on the 9, not the 8.
    Bixby identify the food with calories, Bixby translate, and the face makeup thing… Currently found only on the 9, not the 8.
    New curves that feel better in your hand.

    I believe it is wise to unload my 8 Plus, while the market still is willing to pay decent money for it. Soon all high-end Smart Phones will be running with 6GB of memory or more, all with killer processors. Rest assured that developers will take advantage of the extra system resources if available. They always do…The S8 won't bring in the same price then, as it will currently. If you can afford to, jump into the faster 6GB S9 Plus. You wont be sorry if you keep this phone for a few years…. While naive reviewers today may say, the S8 Plus is just about as good as the S9 Plus, the price for mint used S8's will stay up. When true wisdom sets in, it will drop fast. The truth will come out that for the best performance, today's high end Smart Phones, should be running with 6GB of memory. My advice is to unload now.

    I think there are plenty of upgrades in the Samsung 9 series. People who say 'not much new here' need to start thinking of these more as computer systems, not just phones and cameras. Intel and Nvidia would be jumping with pride if their new CPU's and GPU's gave you a 30 to 40% increase in performance each year… For myself, I will gladly take the many new features, respectable jump in performance, the upgrade in available system memory, and the massive storage improvement on the micro SD Card. Fine job Samsung on your new beautiful phone!! You won my business once again!

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