All Smartphone Brands Review in India – 2023 Reality!

All Smartphone Brands Review in India - 2023 Reality!

This is not a Smartphone Award 2023 but Here is All Smartphone Brands Review in India. I talked about best smartphone 2023 …


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    Or MKBHD ka bhi dekhta hu mujhe lagta hai aapki video mkbhd ke video ke baad me aati hai matlab aap copy to mkbhd
    Kam likha hai mere bhawnao ko samjhna😂😂😂😊🎉🎉

  2. 1) Nothing is too inconvenient in terms of performance
    2) OnePlus is loosing its reliability. Especially for Greenline issue
    3) Samsung does not provide value of the cost
    4) Don't know, what Xiaomi/Redmi is doing? Why they are so confused about their line up vs cost?

  3. As iqoo neo 7 pro user I'm facing battery drain issue from starting i need to charge minimum 2 times in normal usage (8am to 10am) and I'm hardcore gamer if i play games i need to charge it 5 times a day which is Too much for a day and 5k mah battery idk other users facing or not but I'm facing this since i bought iqoo neo 7 pro

  4. 0:44 and bro respect apke liye jo abhi bhi is cheej ke bare me bat karte ho..wo bhi intro me..❤❤❤ every brand must provide back cover earphone and charger just like before ❤❤

  5. Sir maine vivo ka T2 pro mobile purchase kiya tha Flipkart se. Lekin jab bhi es mobile ko sunlight mai leke jata hu to eski display ke andar se fingerprint sensor ic aur proximity sensor ic visual hai jo bahut ajeeb dikhta hai jab service centre gaya to vivo wale bole ki eska koi ilaz nhi ye to aise hi dikhengi sabhi mobile mai dikhti hai

  6. I am regularly watching your videos, though you are unbaised person, but "there is no ideal machine & ideal human in the world". I observed you are little bit passionate towards samsung, even though you clearly mentioned it's demerits, thank you

  7. Lallan don ne iss video me bhi ikall ko nhi chhoda.
    Ikall be like- mujhe jinda mt chhodo salo, me koi YouTube channel ka ghanta hu jo hr koi aakr bja de rha h…😂😂😂

  8. This is a very good idea for a video. I would have enjoyed it more if you would have shown the timeline of each brand and then provided the feedback. For example Motorola launched X phone in Jan, then launched Y phone in April and so on..

  9. Sir aapki video dekh ker poora majja aa jata hai love. From Uttar Pradesh ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ thanks sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Samsung s22 ultra 23 ultra and other mobile s , charger speed jiyada nhi chahiye mere hisab se 20w se jyada nhi hona chahiye jitna bhi testing kar len battery health pe effect padta hai 👎👎

  11. I have Realme X2 128gb bought in my 2019, for the kind of job that I have it fits my requirement and working extremely fine but only battery is draining, otherwise no lag till now. I wonder how people buys phone every year without significant improvement in the experience. I ll buy new one possibly foldable phone one it's gets cheap.

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