The Best Smartphones of 2023!

The Best Smartphones of 2023!

It has been a HUGE year for smartphones. Here are my winner picks! Product Reviews …


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  1. The regular s23 is for me such a great overall device to the point that it's a boring one, it never makes me think twice about complains or features that stand out, it doesn't feel heavy in the hand, doesn't take up space in the pocket. I'm contantly itching to get my hands on a new device but never find myself justifying it due to the s23. The only thing that it cannot compete is as you said a foldable. I'm sure that in a couple of years Samsung will have a compelling offering to match what the OnePlus Open offers plus an S Pen and the One UI.

  2. 1,) iPhone 15 Pro, to me, looks identical to the iPhone 12 Pro I had. The iPhone 11 I think was the first use of the triple camera setup as we see it today, and looks unchanged to me. So, I don't get how it could win any best design awards since then.

    2.) I wish my hands were big enough to use a Pixel 8 Pro with one hand

  3. Pixel phones are overhyped. I can't use 50% of its features because I don't live in USA or in a country where its AI and other features are usable. And its camera isn't that good tbh. That's why Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung and Apple (maybe) are the only usable choice with good camera, software etc.

  4. how can the iPhone get the best design over the Oppo Fold?! One is an industry leading feat of innovation and the other is a marginal upgrade from a 3 year old basic design…

  5. Great round up. The only thing i would say is i'm not quite sold on the xiaomi 13 pro having best camera system. Great main shooters for sure, but the 13 pros front camera is not the best on stills and video is subpar at ony 1080p, the front cameras a whole was neglected on this phone. Agree though that S23 as an entire package in terms of features, value, updates etc etc has no real weaknesses.

  6. Actually, I bought the regular s23 based on your video review. Although i've watched on others' videos, especially mkbhd, your video was the deciding factor. Thank you, bro!

  7. so s23 ultra has the best camera setup but winner is xiaomi. make it make sense. i guees someone tries to sit on many chairs. smh.

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