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Is the cryptocurrency market crashing? What is the crypto market doing? Crypto News!
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  1. Let me echo 111K subscribers when I say you have a great channel and I am sure that everyone appreciates the great information you share with us. I feel that I am further ahead in my long term crypto investments thanks to your opinion so keep up the great source of information ! Thank you sir!!! LPZhASguLGkQz9nybJVcWLvUthbpiDpgtd

  2. Hey Zach, I want to say thanks for picking me as the winner for the $50 LTC, but up till now I haven't received it. Any idea what happened?

  3. So glad to see some green today. Snagged up some Ethereum sub 400 which is going to look like an amazing deal a couple months from now imo.

  4. worst crypto channel on youtube… no technical analysis… just some guy reading off coinmarketcap and shilling substratum… NOOB

  5. I bought tron at 5 cents. Do you think i should just hodl it until main net launch on May?
    Thanks in advance Zach. Keep it up!


  6. The “Green Day” gave me a little faith, still down a whole lot but better than nothing. And more candid live moments in the beginning. Love it! Lol


  7. I 100% agree with long term hodling the market is so young and all these people wanting quick profits don’t realize that. people that bought bitcoin at 250 dollars and sold at 1000 dollars were probably punching themselves when it hit 19000 hodl strong! MHepjQTkQVCEzGe1Hu1oV8HRHeMpFqv37r

  8. Great video, thinking of investing in litecoin.
    Lots of people are talking about ethereum making a comeback.

    What is your view on this?


  9. Looking like a great market rally lets keep going, Altcoins are looking strong. Whats your take on Solaris


  10. I was watching XRP to hit below 0.48 on binance to load up , I must've missed it if you were able to buy in at .43
    LTC: M8ByfYD3pkNYWoArEcc7D4gvp7aqVKzkZ7

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