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The cryptocurrency market is back in the red! Crypto News and Crypto Market conditions.
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  1. great video, i was lucky to meet Mr. Brandon Gaston in NYC last month who traded for me with just $1000 i invested, we made profits of $6500 within a week, he is good you can contact him also at telegram, Skype or whatsapp messenger at + 1 781 720 7209

  2. I hate to say it, but the Big boys (governments, banks, international companies etc etc) have totally crippled the market. The technology is here to stay 100% but they have crippled the market to ensure they will be the only institution's to use it moving forward. I made a good amount of money in crypto last year, I was going to cash out in Jan this year when I have 24X my original investment, however I decided to take my original investment out and leave the rest in. So in otherwards I have lost nothing. I'm staying in and even thinking of putting more in to other projects. But the writing is on the wall.

  3. I am holding on to my NCash and growing my position there. Looking to make some positions in some promising alts soon to build my overall standing once the market takes off again.
    Keep the faith, things are going to make a turn for the better soon. May is not that far away.
    LTC Wallet Address: LZUvcnCGNc4Jeho7wgrZjGDwuHTR6RDtFm

  4. Keep on making the show more and more professional dude! The channel is getting even better!

  5. All of these beggars who post their ltc adresses in the comments.. who actually sends money to guys like that? Blows my mind tbh

  6. Great roundup, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  7. The more Bitcoin falls, the better it will be for more people to get in on it for the next bull run. I'm looking forward to it! LXNdyVbeh3UPJWZy2CdwbEU1NQJGxeU77d

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