God of War Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

We took the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming God of War and placed it side-by-side the PlayStation 4 Pro to visually compare the differences between the two versions. God of War Review:…


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  1. This some bs can't believe I even thought about getting a ps4 pro. You can barely see a difference. PS4 pro feels like a crash grab. Hopefully they do something better when ps5 come out like a real upgraded console like Xbox one x

  2. Oh… wow… look… the LEAP in grayy-fixxx quality when it's 4k is sooo mind-blowing…. oh wow…we all "need" 4k now.

    I love how the game looks great on the base PS4.

  3. Ign just trolling us with these comparison videos making all the people think they see a difference. The only difference I see is in your wallets ??

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