Best Smartphone 2014: Spring Top 10 (February 2014)

TechRadar’s top 10 list of the best smartphones of Spring 2014. Subscribe to TechRadar: Read the full top 20 here: Visit our website: http://www.techradar…


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  1. In 2017, none of these phones are supported by their manufacturers and are terrible except the iPhone 5s. Your list is terribly wrong, the 5s even with its mid range specs compared to android will blow away every phone in this list. The A7 chip was a behemoth and still performs well. Where are these android devices now. That's right NOWHERE. NOBODY EVEN USES THEM Anymore! Look at the 5s still going strong!

  2. This video is bullshit… "We would like to see a Note 3 without an SPen…" A Galaxy S4 did exist during the time at which the Note 3 existed…

  3. For me it's the IPhone 5c. Any iPhone , especially IPhone 4 is still a great phone. I really like android but I like Apple more. The only bad thing about Apple is the price and Androids are cheap. Enjoy you're shopping , choose the one that's best for you ?

  4. What phone should I get when I get offered an upgrade? I've been searching for a new phone for a long time( I'm using the trash iPhone 5s) and I've had no luck. Please help! My priorities are
    1. Battery life
    2. Display
    3. Price
    4. How easy it is to use

  5. android  is better for gameplay and app but people who love small screen and good sms will take iphone 
    ANDROID RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. When clicked this video I was looking for a new phone because I didn't really like my HTC ONE but I was surprised when it was number 1 so and what was shocking was other phone even the HTC ONE m8 were made after everything else so I guess I'm keeping my phone

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