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IGN gives its video review on the new game DLC Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues. This download is a funny romp through the wastelands. IGN’s YouTube is …


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  1. fun fact. the reason it's sometimes referred to as the big empty is because since wastlelanders aren't that smart they didn't know what MT stands for. so they would say it as big em ty.

  2. I'm having trouble choosing which dlc i should buy first, my style gameplay wise is sneaky and somewhat conservative.Can someone give me any tips on what dlc i should get first.It will be greatly appreciated.

  3. I just started this and cannot stand it so far. I am sure the writers thought they were very clever and witty, but did not pull it off. The voice actors are good though. Stopping the player after taking 10 steps and heaping half an hour of shitty dialogue at you is bad design. I felt like the game forgot I was playing and just went on without me. Did Hideo Kojima work on this? 😛

  4. I liked the DLCs for New Vegas far over 3's because there was a theme connecting them all together just like the main quest. The main quests in New Vegas and 3 were themed around what Mr. Perlman says whenever you start a new game, war never changes. In both games you were fighting over the same kind of things humans have always been fighting over: land, water, food and procreation. The DLCs in 3 were so disjointed that I felt nothing towards the characters in them and can barely remember what happened in some of them. The DLCs in New Vegas were different and connected through the characters you meet along with a theme: obsession. Everyone in Dead Money were obsessed with their own selfish reasons like revenge, power, money, hunger and control possibly along with your character depending on your motivations and choices. Honest Hearts was revenge and redemption with Joshua Graham wanting to kill those who wiped out the New Canaanites thinking this would make up with his joining with Caesar. In Old World Blues the Think Tank scientists were obsessed with progress and tech even though it was more harmful than helpful. This is pointed out when you give the dog bowl to Dr. Borous and he thinks he might have hurt someone dear to him in pursuit of making a killing machine. Dr. Mobius also says this in a roundabout way when you talk to him about why he trapped them all in Big Mountain. Then in Lonesome Road Ulysses was obsessed with the your character and revenge for an ignorant mistake. However Old World Blues was the best because it made me feel bad for the Think Tank for laughing at them before knowing about their forced lobotomies. It turned them from idiotic punchlines into tragic characters and far more like the lobotomites than they would admit.

  5. 30 minutes for intro conversation but you're free to skip it almost right away. Fun personalities and B-Movie themed DLC. The equipment is fun to use and perks are great with the parts.

  6. Reviewers are definitely playing this bullshit DLC on easy as I haven't really heard them complain about the complete lack of use of stealth, speech and alternate methods for dealing with situations, or the ridiculous bullet sponge enemies. The writing is at least admirable in it's desire to make you laugh, even though it's kind of dumb and juvenile most of the time; but the gameplay is an absolute grind to get through.

  7. My top Dlcs(Fallout 3 included):
    1. Broken steel
    2. Lonesome road
    3. Old world blues
    4. Point lookout
    5. Dead money
    6. The Pitt
    7. Mothership zeta
    8. Honest hearts
    9. Operation anchorage

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