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  1. Let us "vote kick" some of the players in a lobby because there's always someone who likes to ram those lining up to drag race. Kick has to be an option!

  2. JESUS CHRIST THIS GAME LOOKS LIKE REAL LIFE. i have lived in the UK for a while and trust me, this looks extremely close.

  3. So when your playing on line with other people, there are no collisions and you simply drive through them like ghosts?

    If that's the case, where is the challenge of overtaking people if you can just drive right through them?

  4. Can't wait for fh4!!!! Are there no females at the top of playground??!! Had an idea for fh3 about a month before release the radio announces fh4??

  5. I cant wait to get this game! It's going to be awesome. Also if you get the Ultimate edition you get a FREE HOUSE!

  6. I still want to know what happens when your online when the season changes!!! I hope it's some smooth transition not the server stopping and resetting. I imagine at 12:00am on Sunday you just see your car drive off and the camera pans up and you see the sky change and the camera pans down and the next season has begun and you see your car go back to the place it was in and then it let's you take over. I hope we get a nice transition like this!

  7. Hope it has a better story than FH3. I know it's a racing game, so gameplay is the main focus but the whole your'e the festival boss thing was dull and it got repetitive quick upgrading the festivals. The game overall feels a little repetitive so I hope this next one changes that.

  8. Playground Games are the Naughty Dogs for ME…glad they naughty them and cant wait to see the open wolrd RPG game that they are working on…if they pump this much love into a franchise thats on its 4th game, I can only imagine what they an accomplish from scratch and MS $$$$$$$$$#.

  9. That's it, I need a 1X and this game!!! Racers are my favorite genre anyways and it's a crime that I've missed out on owning (though I have played w/ friends) so many Forza games.

  10. Its sad that Sony studios lack talent. Xbox exclusives like Forza and Gears look better than anything the PS4 has to offer, and also run at 60 fps and 4k. Meanwhile Sony games run at stuttering sub 30 fps and have checkerboard soupy resolution. Sony studios simply don't the talent aside Santa Monica. This is why Sony is nearly bankrupt.

  11. so no collisions in online freeroam welp thats a immediate no buy for me, nobody wants to start a event just to mess around drifting or something

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