The Media Learning of eSports

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  1. Arnt games like football and soccer games as well and played for fun? What makes video games that take just as much skill classified as not a sport?

  2. It’s so cringy watching out of touch old people laugh at esports because they know it is more popular than their boring ass show

  3. Forget about NFL and NBA, esport is the future……just wait and see chicks are gonna go crazy for esport guys(at least hope so).

  4. Yay lets judge things but we dont know shit about them we are 70 year old grandparents and we can clearly judge videogames because we know everything about them.

    PAY attention they dont know one thing about esports exept that people playing games on the computer

  5. ESports are enjoyable because it has a different outcome every time. Its not the same arena with the same grass and the same people that play it. There are many different maps, different players and different strategies.

    Also, "Holy ducking sh1t"

  6. Ask that lady in the thumbnail to 1v1 a professional player and she will know what is esport.. She laughed over esport even she didn't know how hard it is to play in competitive level..

  7. I don't think it's helpful for physical and mental health. Obviously it's a game not sports.I saw some league of legends players who are addicted to this game. Personally I think this is one kind of addiction and any type of addiction is harmful for our personal life and society.

  8. I’m totally fine with people being skeptical and asking questions, and even with them thinking that esports shouldn’t be considered sports, but I can not handle people who just assert a viewpoint and don’t even listen to counter arguments because they’re so sure that they’re right.

  9. Lemme explain some sports, they sound suppppppper interesting

    Football : Kick ball into a goal.
    Basketball : Throw ball into a hoop.
    Tennis : Hit balls with racket.

    E-Sports require lots of strategy, and skill.
    They're saying "It's not a sport it's a game."
    Spots are a game… :/

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