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IGN Editor Tristan Ogilvie reviews SEGAs new third person, cover based shooter Binary Domain. Will SEGAs new IP have you blasting Rage Against the …


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  1. This game is for sure a 10/10. I've never seen a glitch or buggs on this game. And the audio is great, it's just underrated but i don't mind that

  2. i dont get why this is supposedly underrated. generic cover shooter where enemies are bullet sponges and you shoot billion of bullets.

  3. reminds me of Spec Ops:The Line, only with cyberpunk flavor to it.. even the male character that says "look at that! the armor peeled off!" sound like the voice of Sergeant Adams in Specs Ops:The Line. definitely gonna check this out.

  4. the game would be twice as good if it was half as long

    the bosses are the spongiest bullet sponges i've encountered in a long time and the waves upon waves upon waves upon waves of the same enemies are tiring

    everything else is a lot of fun !!

  5. Just found this little gem on my desktop, installed and ready to go. I have no idea when or why I bought it but I'm looking forward to sinking a few hours into it come the weekend.

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