10 Cheapest New Cars on Sale in 2018 (Specs and Prices Reviewed)

It is obvious that the easiest and cheapest way to become a car owner is to visit a local dealer and get a used model at a significantly decreased price. However, what if you have always dreamt about owning a crispy new automobile straight from a conveyor, but still happen to be on a very tight budget?

The clear solution is to obtain an affordable vehicle that hopefully, is not a compromise on quality and still remains a decent buy. Today, we will be showing you the latest models of budget cars that ensure remarkable mileage and are perfect for city driving or everyday commute, but at the same time cost as low as $12,000.

Cars featured in this video:

Hyundai Accent: hyundaiusa.com/accent/index.aspx

The 2018 model year of Hyundai Accent has matured and now enters its fifth generation taking cues from the older brother Elantra.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback: ford.com/cars/fiesta/

This compact automobile has been the bestselling small city car in Europe four years in a row and the 2018 model year will most likely keep the momentum going.

Chevrolet Spark: chevrolet.com/cars/spark-city-car

The tiny Chevy with a cute name Spark lives up to the moto from the manufacturer, it is indeed a little small, but has got a lot of awesome features.

Mitsubishi Mirage: mitsubishicars.com/mirage/2018

Mitsubishi Mirage is the most fuel efficient gas powered non—hybrid automobile sold in America.

Kia Rio: kia.com/us/en/vehicle/rio/2018

In our opinion the most appealing design feature of the 2018 Rio is its front fascia that mimics the new aggressive KIA styling that is most visible in the all-new Stinger GT.

Chevrolet Cruze SEDAN: chevrolet.com/cars/cruze-small-car

We can confidently say that Cruze is one of the sexiest cars in the below 20K category. It comes available in two body styles hatchback and sedan, the latter being more affordable starting at $17,000.

Toyota Yaris: www.toyota.com/yaris/yaris-features/

2018 Toyota Yaris is compact hatchback available in three trims (3 or 5 door). Pricing starts at $15,635.

Ford Focus S Sedan: www.ford.com/cars/focus/models/focus-s-sedan/

ord Focus S Sedan is a full size four-door S Sedan that can comfortably seat 5 adults. It is the cheapest 2018 Ford Focus priced at $17,860.

Subaru Impreza: www.subaru.com/vehicles/impreza/index.html

Subaru Impreza is standard looking family-style four-door sedan. It has a symmetrical all-wheel drive, 152 horsepower engine, and bears a status of the longest lasting vehicle in its class.

Toyota Corolla: www.toyota.com/corolla/corolla-features/

Toyota Corolla is currently the most affordable option on the market that has to offer advanced safety features as a standard.


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  1. As a car lover and someone that works in the industry I can tell you that the Corolla and the Impreza are by far the most reliable cars on this list. The Toyota Yaris has been dropped and has been replaced with the Yaris IA which is Mazda built. The rebadged Mazda 2 has not been very reliable in past surveys from Consumer Reports so I'm not sure if it should be considered. The accent and Rio twin cousins are basically identical however the Rio version of the two seems to have been more reliable in past years. I would never consider either one of the two Fords or the two Chevrolet's. The spark is a rebadged Daewoo and we all remember the Aveo so I shouldn't have to say anymore LOL

  2. I brought a brand new Toyota Corolla S in 2016. It is very reliable and gets great gas milage. 48 highway and 37 in the city. I highly recommend this car if your looking for reliability and great gas mileage.

  3. where did you get the msrp of $12245 from?????????? I shopped around the Chicago area and did not come even close to the sale price of $13200. I have seen them for around $13700 with all the rebates and discounts applied!! Do let me know which dealership offers such a low MSRP on a 2018 Hyundai Accent.

  4. I recently got a new Hyundai Accent 2017 (sport hatchback) . Its a great car in general but it feels that engine struggles to move whenever u need to accelerate quickly which is super odd for a 140 HP engine! Let alone being on ECO mode which is even worse! Moreover, the gas MPG is terrible. I drive mix of both highway and city each time or at least 1/3 or tank on highway and the rest on city and instead of getting 30MPG average or close to this number, whenever I end up with empty tank to refill at gas station I see my MPG average as 23-24.5 max which is even less than 26 MPG of driving in the city alone, as mentioned on the sticker!!!!. I would expect at LEAST 28-29 mpg. I can't think of any problem on a brand new car!!! Have checked tire pressure, the car is light weight and i'm the only one sitting and driving the car! Dont know what else to do to increase the mpg.

  5. Corolla is the worst car in terms of design and power. I don’t recommend anyone to buy it. The materials are very flimsy. It is very hard to keep control on car over 60MPH because it not very stable. And also, steeper turns are horrible too. I am a student on a tight budget else i would’ve traded my corolla instantly. I regret it everyday 🙁

  6. Stick with the 2000 to 2004 models they last so much longer and are built better…I love my 02 lincion contintal and my 08 hhr ss…these new 16 to 18 models are cheap made cars and do not last good at all.

  7. Well sales don't agree with you neither do I, enjoy your opinion that the buyers don't agree with you on and enjoy your gay spark that gets worse mpg then the sonic

  8. Naah. It'll probably be a pretty loaded mid-full sizer from around 3 years ago for me; either a new impala 2LT, mazda 6 Touring or GT, or a 2 door EXL accord…

    IMO, the better initial value seems to go to both the Mazda 3 AND 6; one can get their hands on a mid level to fully loaded car for pretty cheap when compared to the competition just a year & 1/2 down the road…

  9. I have a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES in black fully loaded. Bought it used with 24k miles for $8k last year. Best decision I've ever made. Fantastic little car, built rock solid. Just got back from a 900 mile trip in it and it did GREAT! Perfectly stable on the interstate. The reviewers don't understand what the car is all about.

  10. Just picked up a 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage GT. I looked at the others, but I actually liked the Mirage the best, and I still like hatchbacks. It's not going to win any races, but I didn't buy it for that. I bought it for the fuel economy, the features I got for the money, and the warranty (it's one of the better ones out there). I know people are always saying "buy a used car, you'll get a better car for less money", but I also feel you sometimes inherit their problems. I wanted something I wasn't going to have to worry about for a long time, and I've had Mitsu's in the past and they were great and reliable. And getting 43+ MPG from Concord, NH to Conway, NH (New England mountain area) is pretty freaking amazing ?

  11. I wouldn't kick a dog in the ass with any Ford product they are junk parts of them are junk other parts or junk they are junk not worth the headache and my money still is on Toyota Camry no matter what best resale best quality long-range drivability low-cost maintenance you tell me who is better

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