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ICON is going to the moon with over 50% gains! And cryptocurrency is on a bull run!
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  1. Great video thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  3. Hey Zach, I know you did a sponsored video on Fitrova, what’s your take? Keep up the good work, listen to the show every day to get caught up! Thanks!!

  4. Great show i watch the show everyday and cant help but notice you still got creases in the backdrop. No neck tie. Cold coffee mug with no steam. Come on broski im routing for u. Ltc: LPiycnyXUcQMbrsiaTu5dA2FUqNwYEFNbX

  5. Interesting ICO – have no idea after the review what it is. The best ideas generally I don't initially understand.

  6. This time ICON to the moon, we can see the other altcoin to the Moon in few days
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  7. Great video again! Except for top 200 and ICO reviews please share some though on coins that are not in top 200 but have potential to rise up.
    LTC- LQ7tGJcp8U218PMs6NRBBrB4n7X8wQJsxK

  8. So sick of the click bait thumbnails. This channel is becoming empty promises. They don't talk about that's they advertise and they don't give crypto with paid reviews as they promised a few weeks ago.

  9. overall I like your channel and insight, but (there is always a but), I think you put to much emphasis on the coins you own. every time you talk about Tron, Neo (I like Neo), ignoring some other coins…so would like to see a bit of a broadening of horizon….did you check out Dent, qsp, appc recently? I am buying those and more as the price keeps dropping.

  10. it is hard to really value altcoins. but talking about potential, icon has it all. Cardano doesn't even come close. What about Dent? this is a undervalued coin but no-one seems to be willing to talk about it. Huge project with a solid team and delivering on their roadmap. If you think there is no market for mobile data….take another look.

  11. It’s just correcting it’s original price guys….don’t forget it was above 10 dollar recently……so don’t think it’s a price pumps….HODL for life ??

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