Apple Admits Slowing Down Old iPhones? Ask MKBHD V23!

The ultimate Apple conspiracy theory, confirmed?! The Smartphone Awards 2017: More Q&A Videos:…


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  1. My lumia 735 has 2200 mhA. My iphone 6s has 1700 mhA (wtf). Apple wanted the phone slim and small so they put small battery. The iphone 6s shouldve come with AT LEAST 2500 mhA.

  2. No entendí ni tacos :v quiero a mi mamá xdxd jaja público no se crean aún que no se Allan creído ? saludos desde ?? México?? ahora quiero ? tacos?

  3. Tesla might be on a bubble, but EVs are not. Several automakers are joining Formula E and electric powered motorsports. THAT is where the real development will come from. The necessities and limitations placed by the extremes of motorsport will push EVs further and further. Tesla is doing a good job pushing the envelope for everyone, the catalyst…but when the big automakers come out with solid EVs that are cheaper and better built (Tesla panel gaps and interior gaps…good lord), that is when the fun really starts.

  4. The real reason people buy iPhones. Is because Apple tapped into a pseudo "cool/acceptance" factor that most low self esteem people recognized. To put be blunt, people who buy iPhones never stopped trying to fit in, they never grew up. Insecure losers who associate Apple with some arbitrary status. Sad

  5. I think that's awesome that those companies wanted their trophies! They really value your opinion + want a free trophy. Cheapskates…

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