Which Smartphone Do They ACTUALLY Use? — MKBHD, Austin Evans, Linus + More

The burning question that the entire tech community wants an answer to… Which smartphone do prominent tech influencers like MKBHD, UrAvgConsumer, Austin Evans, Linus Tech Tips, Dom Esposito,…


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  1. Who are the a**holes who thumbed down the video? If you are not a tech guy or a nerd, you wouldn't understand. Maybe you are a nerd/hater/jealous tech guy???

  2. The iPhone X is the best phone invented and you know it to your just afraid of the hate your gonna get from other people that know it to – facts

  3. Haha lots of egos in this room, its like literally everyone thinks they are better than the rest of the people there; except for Lou which is surprising honestly

  4. Linus is like: I am into tech so much, no phone can keep up. But really, he is the only guy here who said that Razer is a great phone, and it really is. But for Linus, what he wants right now is a phone that will come up in 2025. He is so ahead of the pack. But if i could buy any phone out there, no matter the price it would be Sony XZ Premium them 4K display man xD Or Razer phone with 120hz and 8gb of ram! xD But i am perfectly happy with my SE…

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