Razer Phone Review: The Real Deal!

Razer Phone gets so damn close for a great price, minus one huge dealbreaker. Razer Phone First Impressions: https://youtu.be/LzC_kkbFTHQ The Razer Phone: https://www.razerzone.com/mobile/razer-p…


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  1. A gamer is someone who plays a large number of games on a pc or a console. That being said, an individual who plays games on a phone only is not a gamer. And i highly doubt that anyone who is a real gamer would waste money on a "gaming" phone. I really dont see the point of this product as i dont get the whole "gaming phone" deal .

  2. I get that it's for gaming and all, but can't they make it less brick looking? Those edges feels like it'll hurt when you're holding it for quite some time. xD

  3. as a person who carries around a dslr about 90% of the time I gotta say the camera on this phone is definitely NOT a deal breaker. Not sure about the lack of a headphone jack though….

  4. “They threw in the dual cameras that you are basically required to have as a 2017 flagship phone” -MKBHD

    Yet his favorite smartphone of all time is the Pixel 2 (which has a single camera, not dual). And don’t even start with the comments about how the Pixel doesn’t need a dual setup with its portrait mode (Also, be original guys. Portrait Mode? Really?). The telephoto lens is used for zooming in closer without losing quality in the image. I use the 2x optical zoom infinitely more than portrait mode on my iPhone X. So yeah, dual cameras aren’t just for portrait mode and the Pixel 2 (at least the XL) should have included them.oh and he bashed this for removing the headphone jack, yet his favorite phone doesn’t have one either.

  5. The logo is such a deal breaker. Their products are great overall and have a good quality but the logo cuts it off. Wouldnt want to go to work with a laptop that has a disco keyboard and a bunch of snakes on it. even a white square would look more professional

  6. This phone is PERFECT for me idc if the camera is bad because I dont take photos 😀 so i am 100% getting this very soon 😀

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