I’ve Never Tried Anything Like It…

The Nuraphone is unlike any pair of headphones I’ve ever heard before. The bass produced by these headphones is substantially greater than any other I’ve tested. If you’re a bass head you should…


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  1. Why the hell would i pay 400 Bucks for headphones that are clearly messing up the original recording by amping the base to over 9000?
    Since when is this a desirable outcome?

  2. i am using my oppo pm3 headphones paired with the oppo ha2se amp to be honest i prefer songs to sound natural rather than have the bass boosted to the detriment of the highs/mids (the pm3's are some of the most natural sounding headphone i have tried)

  3. PURCHASER REVIEW: Yeah, these are special. The bass/immersion mode is mind shattering. These have becoming my favourite headphones. This ain't spam and I have no affiliation, but I do recommend them.

  4. Shouldn't they be called Willy, as in wet willy… Maybe Base Willy?
    To bad they don't have one of those relieving elastic headband things in-between your head and the arc.
    I would love to try them!

  5. so they took a $100 pair of 5.1 headphones headphones and added a lowpass filter and a few cheap sensors…. marked up to 400….. lel

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