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IGN gives its review of Modern Warfare 3. Can the latest Call of Duty live up to the history of epic shooter games in this series? For more Modern Warfare news, info and videos, visit the…


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  1. The campaign is better than any Treyarch campaign by a long shot…The like/dislike ratio shows the complete retardednes of little kids these days

  2. I own every call of duty game from the very first on PC to ww2. I played every campaign and played through multiplayer on each game that had it. Mw3 was by far my favorite. There is alot of hate because it's not the same as mw2 and that's the point. It's not all the same. It may have more than any other call of duty game. The multiplayer was fun and chaotic and something that shouldn't be taken seriously. The campaign was great! The last past when price looked up at makorav after hanging him was so satisfying. The "objective completed" came up, I felt really bad. Spec ops may the same but who plays that anyway? Survival mode was the mode that made the game for me. It was new and brilliant. I spent 2 months total playing that. Totally amazing game over all. People hate it for it's multiplayer aspect. Usually the people who are garbage. They hate it because they can hardly get a kill. It's better than mw2 with all the noob tubes and the tactical nuke that ends the game. Mw3 is really the best cod game of all time. Don't believe me? Check out their sales of this game. We all have opinions. We all like different things. Sometimes it takes some common sense to even understand the most simplest things.

  3. The worst cod game. Couldnt believe they gave this mw2 clone a higher score than black ops which had way more content & featurs

  4. I mostly didn't care about any character in COD games but when I saw Soap died I cried like a baby(No joke this was true).

  5. You forgot to mention how the "colour" palet is so depressing I cant stand to look at the game for more than short periods of time. It's absolutely clinically depressing and revolting. The rest of the graphics also happens to be butt ugly when compared to the time it was released. They literally copy-pasted MW2 animations and models, then drained them of what little bit of life and colour they had, and called it a day.

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