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ESPN President John Skipper doesn’t consider eSports as a sport, he mentioned during the Code/Media Series: New York conference on Thursday, categorizing it as a competition along with strategy…


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  1. eSports are not sports, face it. This isn't coming off an opinionated view but from the actual dictionary definition. That's it, no arguing. I'm even writing this as someone who loves video games and it's my biggest hobby but I'm not going to call it something it's not. It's the same thing as calling soda a food. Yeah, they are both consumables and I love them but I'm not gonna call it what it isn't, it just makes no sense. It's a drink. The people who want to recognize it as a sport care too much and put there heart into this topic when they are blatantly wrong just from the dictionary. Also, before people say "but chess is a sport" It actually isn't and is recognized as a competition too so that argument doesn't make sense… Racing is a sport too actually because the athletes lose 10 pounds a race usually from being next to the hot engine for so long and they have to be lighter if possible and be able to withstand g-forces. Eating is a sport because you have to be train your stomach and you have to be large to be able to compete. Moving your hands only is not enough for it to be considered physical.

  2. So something with the word "sport" in the title isn't a sport? An eSport isn't at least a type of sport? Gee… guess we should just refer to the "Es" then.

  3. esports are definitely not a sport, it's a competition. I 100% agree with ESPN. Nothing wrong with esports, but you don't run, jump, catch a ball, or do any real physical exertion that compares with a real athlete.

  4. Certain video games I think can be considered sports, but others not really.
    A highly competitive game that requires teamwork, planning, and technique, like League of Legends or Dota, those can be considered sports. Now if you're telling me CoD or Battlefield are sports, I don't think so because it doesn't take nearly as much as planning, and everyone is kind of on a leveled playing ground, unlike in League where each character has it's own pros and cons.
    Plus, if chess and bowling can be considered sports then I think League can as well.
    Heck, I also think that fighting games can also be considered as sports since there are so many different techniques and things to memorize, all the while focusing on being flexible and changing your plans in the middle of the fight.

  5. Not surprised. I'm not offended though, I understand it's still early to go through this kind of change. Let's let them go play with real sports for the moment, I just want you guys to know that professional gamers actually pour their lives out practicing to get better in these games. I believe gamers also have the discipline and the mentality to take competition seriously.
    tl;dr Sometimes eSports isn't just "fun and games"

  6. I think the president at ESPN is probably that guys who drops doughnuts on ur team when playing cod or jus cant pick up his first kill on a MOBA, even after the 17th tower dive. 

  7. Mitch smug Dyer no haha no it's a not a sport never will be, hey fucking fapping required more skills and reflexes than clicking 1111111, 4444, Right Click. It's competitive, challenging but no way a sport.

  8. sports: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

  9. I don't understand why gamers want competitive gaming recognized as a sport. Is it because of corporate sponsorships and they want to make money? That's the only reason I can think of. Every time I hear this debate, I think of the one episode of South Park where the kids get some MMO and they pull all nighters to try and beat this guy who keeps killing them because he's at a really high level. Then when they show the dude,  he's incredibly overweight, dirty, has food crumbs and shit all over him. I mean there are people who are physically like that and almost stationary and still twiddle their thumbs on a controller while athletes are sleeping 8 hours a night, waking up early, working out, eating right, training, playing, doing school work, etc., and they're trying to consider their gaming a "sport" like any other. Right…

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