Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

Our verdict on the PlayStation-exclusive open world action RPG. Horizon Zero Dawn’s Thunder Jaw Collection Unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbVGrKPtBK8 2 Minutes of Horizon: Zero…


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  1. i have only one option left to buy because iam choosing evil within 2 or horizon zero? but i choose evil wthin 2.. now i have regrets now i shoild buy horizon zero and i dont have money to buy this one another ???????

  2. I don't understand why reviewers complain about the side quests. I thought they where good. Taking down bandit camps along side a "maybe" psychopath who's arc could end in a moonlit dual to the death if you do them all? Saving an oseram free city by making, then using a heavy electro magnetic propelled grenade launcher? Watching that one noble get carried off by a glinthawk because he didn't understand the technology he used to kill his entire family with? Working your way up the ladder in that snobby little hunters lodge. Redmaw. Saving the shadow soldier during the bounty hunt and together turning the tables on the leader of the shadow cardja? Stealing the shadow carja prince in captivity? Saving the nora woman hell bent on revenge for the carja red raids, then getting revenge? The story of the two lovers on opposite sides of a war? cauldrons? Like the one that gets filled with stalkers and you hide along side your hated enemy from them because no one wants to rile them up? Jesus, even the first side mission of getting back a family's spear that their dead mother made is a direct parallel to the main story. The list go on and on but all I hear is the side quests are bland. To top it off, a lot of them determine who shows up to fight for the last main quest. I can't even remember any side quests in farcry.

  3. Although the graphics look great it just looks like another unoriginal Tomb Raider game with a different paint job. I just loathe the thought of playing this game.

  4. This is a cross between AC, TLOU, and the old gameboy Advance Bionical game where you had to throw your disks at the robotic enemies weak spots. ?

  5. Hate it when the watchers turn their head at the last moment and ruin my instant kill. For that I dock 1/10 of a point. Horizon Zero Dawn 9.9

  6. we are living in 2018!!graphics must be realistic and zelda is a game with cartoonistic graphics and thats a good reason not to get 10 out of 10!!horizon is a masterpiece with 2018 graphics!!

  7. There's an older game that Horizon reminds me of. It was maybe on Sega, it was like a flying mechanical ship and flying snake like metal monsters. I used to watch my older cousin play it. Anybody know of what I'm tryna say?

  8. I own Xbox One, Playstation pro, the nintendo switch, and a pretty damn good computer, I’m in everyone’s side (I love HZD, I love BOTW, and Xbox, well Xbox is a lost cause)

  9. Beat the Game! I just bought the DLC and I am so EXCITED!!! I can't even wait till they make a second on. Spoiler Alert They can't leave this game with the cliffhanger that they left it with. There has to be a second one!

  10. Just finished this game and honestly imo, it was slightly better than average.

    Visuals are pretty amazing for consoles, the odd thing like water textures and the floppy hair being the only bad parts
    Plenty to do in terms of side quests and collectables
    Solid story
    Good variety of weaponry

    Very repetitive mission structure
    Rubbish combat
    LOTS of running especially in the early game
    Can be a bit of a grind collecting materials if you don't know where to look for them
    The lack of facial expression in the characters
    FAR to easy
    Horrific load times

    Overall – 7.5/10 for me

  11. Looks so old compared to Zelda, I just cannot go back to this kind of open world game, Zelda advanced the genre so much.

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