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  1. In my opinion san andreas was way better. So was vice city in its way too despite being such an older title also. I know they are older episodes but that to me is not the point. For me the point is gameplay and quality within. Graphics are a great thing but not everything. When companies make games they have to try to understand this very carefully because if they don't they will receive loads of bad reviews and their sequels will not ever match up to their previous productions. Often they don't do this effectively enough at least not accurately within doing so and new additions to great games accurately speaking go to hell entirely as a consequence.

    Im not saying such happened here but within how I mean to refer to san andreas just had so much to offer in comparison and in so many ways Part of what I mean includes a much better map with more places to explore, way better storyline, acting, cast and more realistic feel within all throughout despite such being an older game not to mention as of vice city as well way way better ost this including some of the best music tracks ever.

  2. The story for this game has a lot of Great Moments I has a lot of great writing and the missions are pretty good but GTA 4 story is unparalleled to me and I love this game in GTA IV but online has taking over this game

  3. Thanks I just boight it gor my ps4 pro and wanted to know what I should expect from it… thanks for this huge review????? you are just the ?est

  4. Gta 5 is amazing.The characters are great,the main characters are loaded with personality,the new upgrades such as the the stats,thr properties and more.The story actually leads to somewhere.The missions:OMG.There are a ton of missions in this game,even besides the missions you see on the map there are even missions on the in-game interenet,such as the "Children Of The Mountain".Basically this game is 10/10.

    But hey,that's just my 2 cents! I will like to hear anyone's opinion!

  5. Back in 2013, everybody loved GTA V and hated GTA IV.

    5 years later, everybody now hates GTA V and praise GTA IV.

    So this is how the dream feels like… this is the victory we longed for.

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