SuperHOT VR Gameplay – “BEST VR GAME EVERRRRR!!!” Oculus Virtual Reality Let’s Play

Buy an Oculus Rift + Touch between June 11th-24th and get $100 (or Euros) credit towards buying any Oculus games of your choice! For more information visit: HUGE thanks…


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  1. Gets the chance to use an Uzi, uses the crappy alternative, a pistol. DONT YA WANNA GO CRAZY WITH IT?!?!?!?!?!?! p.s. You can grab bullets and block them with items # MATRIX STYLE!!!!!!!

  2. You can use black objects to deflect bullets, and if you replay and know where you will transport to you can throw yourself weapons between rounds….

  3. Bear in mind that this game is no longer an oculus exclusive and if you have a vive, you can purchase the game from the steam store. Probably the Vive store as well.

  4. I bought my Oculus and touch controllers Monday… I wonder if they will hook me up or if I will have to return it and re-buy it.

    Edit: Just talked to support, you might want to clarify that its through Amazon only, Genny.

  5. That was so cool. I'll be waiting when they make a super hot VR game that doesn't need the controller. That would be even more awesome.

  6. anytime i am in a not sure if i feel like playing a game or not mode all i need is to watch genny play anything and hear his excitement and it gets me wanting to play any game right now……Thanx Genny….

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