10 Revolutionary Electric Cars You Should Know About

Welcome back to Automotive Territory Daily News! And today our channel presents to you the list of the most oddly looking and strangest electric cars that exist today! Leave all of your skepticism behind and cast out your doubts, we guarantee you that this is the way the automotive world will look like in the nearest future.

1) Electra Meccanica Solo: electrameccanica.com
2) Nissan bladeglider: nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/nissan-bladeglider-brings-cutting-edge-intelligent-mobility-to-life
3) Bollinger B1: bollingermotors.com
4) Morgan EV3: morgan-motor.co.uk/ev3
5) Nicola Zero: nikolamotor.com/zero
6) Renault Zoe e-Sport: renault.co.uk/vehicles/concept-cars/zzoe-concept.html
7) Renault Trezor: renault.co.uk/vehicles/concept-cars/trezor-concept.html
8) Toyota Concept-i: toyota.com/concept-i
9) Torq Roadster EV: torqev.com
10) Sion by Sono Motors: sonomotors.com/sion.html
11) Amber One: driveamber.com/how-it-works


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