Bitcoin to $100? – BULLSH*T FUD! – CryptoCurrency Market News

Bitcoin going to $100? BULLSH*T FUD! CryptoCurrency Market News and FUD!
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  1. If it did go to $100, would anyone buy back in? At what point are people supposed to fold on the mighty Bitcoin? And for those saying it's going to hit $50,000. How do you figure? After the mega decline from December, who is looking to buy back, knowing with 100% certainty it will crash by damn near 50% for any or no reason at all.

  2. I think that people are over reacting when it comes to crypto currency markets. You can see the fear in people as they don't understand the the movement of greed & fear:supply & demand if you look at the charts its eye candy.

    The movements is set in stone its meant to be and yet so few realize the power it has over humanity. it bounces against support and resistance, it constantly test the levels until it breaks only to follow targets that has been set days months years ago, and it is beautiful.

    What makes it standing out even more is, understanding where it is going. 😀

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  4. can we rename Bitcoin to revolution coin so these dummies get the idea… that this isn't a joke.. were comming for you. this is the financial french revolution. we gonna burn the bankers on a cross and put the flame out with the blood of their loved ones.

  5. Tbh I only see bitcoin as a replacement for gold for example. But not for using it as payment method there are way better coins for that. My guess is that it would stable itself around 20 to 30 k


    Crypto Exchange Coinbase Launches Four-Coin Index Fund Only For Accredited Investors

    When bitcoin futures were launched in December, bitcoin increased the value of 100% (2X) and some altcoin by 2000% (20X) now that coinbase launches funds for big investors will the bitcoin increase in value as in December?


  7. Marketcap at 409 billion at the minute :/ oh … MAN … :/ What is going on… i ask myself really, WHO sits WHERE , that is pulling out Billions of Dollars in 1 Minute :/ is that really this fear that the Cryptomarket is getting "deleted" in the next 10 minutes? Whats up with this people?

  8. its red because it's trying to kick noobs and pussy ppls out of the game…the rich will get richer and poor gets poorer

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