Doom Review

This hellish shooter delivers on the single-player front. ———————————- Follow IGN for more! ———————————- YOUTUBE:…


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  1. Because this type of review from IIGN that's why I miss so much GAMETRAILERS (GT)….GT was entertaining ,easier to understand and on point.

  2. IGN is a joke. They'll heap praise on Call of Duty Rehash #879 but a breath of fresh air like Doom gets a mediocre score.

  3. most innacurate review I've seen. This game has the smoothest combat, awesome diversity of weapons, mods, glory kills, awesome weapon sounds, best soundtrack, and the right amount of over the top crazy demon slaying.

    Rate the game for what it is trying to be (DOOM – a hectic demon slayer), not what IGN wants it to be (Call of Duty?)

  4. It's repetitive for ign because they play on easy. Playing it on ultra violence which is the actual normal difficulty for this game, and see how dumb gn felt about being repetitive, this is chess at crazy pace.

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