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  1. Lol, feel bad for whoever bought this full price.. can easily see this being a free game of the month or at least half price in a couple months

  2. this game had sooooo much potential, Im really bummed out its a repetitive and linear game. Couldve done soo much more with weapon upgrades, different monsters, different abilities, etc.

  3. first time i saw this game like last year, i thought it looked cool.. now, too bad it looks soo boring and repetative. Its the same mission over and over for 7 chapters

  4. 6.6 .. more like 4 or maybe 3. And dont even get me started with that price tag of astonishing 60 Dollars. Develepers are obviously making fun of gaming community.

  5. It's too bad for this game that both a Shadow of the Colossus remake and a new Attack on Titan game came out in the past two months. Why anyone would get this game over either of those two is beyond me.

  6. Anyone who thinks having massive monsters makes it an homage to shadow of the colosus fails to understand the complexity and nuance to SotC’s story

    Each slain colossus is portrayed as a sacrifice, not a victory. The colossi are innocent victims in Wander’s quest. His goal is noble but his means of reaching that goal are not

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