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  1. I love Colin so much, and I legit moved to FOX bc of him. But this is dumb, poorly done by Colin. I'm not much of an eSports guy but it's growing, RAPIDLY. And as a sports caster, you gotta accept it.

  2. I play video games but this was hilarious. How can anyone cover this? Really ESPN 2? What r they talking about? Who watched this? What a waste of time. The hotdog eating competition is more exciting than this. Wow lol.

  3. calling e-sports people "athletes" is like calling professional eaters "athletes", or even fucking race car drivers.

  4. I'm a gamer and I agree with Colin. eSports shouldn't be covered by ESPN, it should be covered by Networks like MLG and ESL on streaming platforms not television. The ratings are horrible and people to go to ESPN for eSports. eSports are not actual sports and will never be taken seriously from the general consensus.

  5. Video games is not a sport my god. "Esports" Its a non athletic competition. Im not saying its a bad thing, i play video games myself. But my goodness it is not a sport

  6. good on him. """""professional""""" video game """""sports""""" has no place on tv. it's just grown men playing video games, not entertaining at all. if you think you are enjoying it, you are mistaken.

  7. This guy clearly doesn't even know what he's talking about. He called it league. He called it Heroes of Dorm. He didn't mention the fact that the winners gained their entire college career tuition PAID for.

  8. Yep, ESPN is definitely going to force some no name guy from a no name show who knows jack shit abot HON or esports to cover a game when they could literally sit anyone that plays the game to give better explanation. Ok buddy calm down. You are not important ESPN or is anybody really begging you to cover games like you matter to anybody.

  9. Go ahead and put that gun in your mouth, but instead of just listening to the LoL commentary, pull the fucking trigger and do us all a favor.

  10. "Know what the funny thing is? Listen to how intense they are. Guys are totally into it."

    Yeah, because if 'traditional' sports fans are anything, it's restrained and calm.

  11. I agree with him if I was in his shoes i wouldnt want to cover esports games, but i wouldnt sit on air and make fun of the people who play those games and cover them, they enjoy it good for them, this just shoes what a classless ass hole he is.

  12. I personally agree with him. Competitive video games have no place on a network that shows REAL sports like Poker, Chess, and Elementary School Spelling Bees.

  13. ESPN stands for the "Entertainment and Sports Programming Network." Last I checked, games are "Entertainment." I see nothing wrong with having them broadcasted on ESPN.

  14. its all about ratings… if esports gets enough views its gonna be picked up on mainstream television media… if it makes them money that's all they care about whether its regular sports, esport, competitive eating, etc.

  15. sports by very deffinition say it requires physical activity i respect the ppl who make money having fun playing video game BUT Its not a sport bc there is no physical activity

  16. this guy sounds like a complete jerk but in his defense the HOTS casting I heard in this video was pretty meh and boring compared to good Dota casts or Day9/Artosis' work in SC2. Still does not justify this guy in any way though

  17. I have no problem with competitive gaming, and actually support its rise in popularity, but I don't think this sort of thing should air on ESPN. There are already too many things being aired on ESPN like the national spelling bee that shouldn't be there. ESPN needs to stop trying to be "innovative" with all these abstract forms of "sports", and focus on increasing its coverage of some under-appreciated leagues like the NHL.

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