This Tiny Laptop Raised $3.5 Million Dollars…

Stick around until the end of the video for my first Q&A session! GPD Pocket Laptop (USA Link) – GPD Pocket Laptop (International) …


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  1. Really wish dude would figure out how to turn up the screen brightness on devices. I've only ever seen him do it once. Every device he messes with, he starts up on battery, and most devices that start up on battery, start on 50 percent.

  2. That device is a cool concept, but not worth $594. Heck, it's barely worth $200. For that price ($594) you can buy a pretty nicely powered and high-spec laptop. Or just buy a Chromebook for simpler use and boot Linux onto it… it's way overpriced. I'd say it'd be good if it was at $125 or something.

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