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  1. This game is so overrated, nothing compared to going cammando, up ur arsenal, dead locked…. No tournaments!!! 10% of the weapons and plantes of the old greats!!! Limited story!!! Was soo disappointed with this game, it had so much potential

  2. Man he wants a lot out of a 3D platformer he’s disappointed in lack of npc in a world bro it’s not meant to be that deep I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3D platform game wit npcs in it

  3. Absolutely love this game! Really enjoyed completing it, i was going to initially just finish the game but then i realised i could easily get the platinum too which was fun to go for as well.

  4. Ratchet never tried to be like disney pixar, the original 2002 game and the R&C games on PS2 were aiming to replicate the style of Conker with humour, there were no wacky weapons in old R&C games, the weapons were realistic but distinctive , the old classic Ratchet & Clank franchise on PS2 is a platforming and third-person shooter series that stars Ratchet, a gun-wielding Lombax, and his robot friend Clank. Although the game is animated and is generally rated E10+ or T by the ESRB, they often get away with certain things that defy the ESRB's kid-friendly ratings, even developers at Insomniac have stated that Ratchet & Clank's main audience isn't kids, but late teenagers and adults.

  5. This game is so fun and absolutely gorgous and very well made! Great story, great character development and engaging cinematics. I higgly recommend it. I thought I was gonna just try it but after just 1 hour I kept going and it's very much addicting. It's a nice change from dark dreary intense games and is quite relaxing to play. The only thing I wish for is to set my jump button from x to L1 bumper. But thats basically it and its not a big deal just personal preference in bumper jumper. If it had custom button assignments I would be very happy.

  6. Im tired of all these real life games all the time and just because we get next gen consoles everytime they only focus on how to make games real then fun. Game developers need to go back to making games more wacky it seem like all the games have been the same just different characters.

  7. Occasionally lonely? This is a ga e not your personal life I mean really occasionally lonely? MGSV got a 10 and h r lonely as heck in that game and u can’t even get lonely in Rachel and clank because u have clank with u

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