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Let’s go over some of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies on the market today! Which Altcoins are on the rise?!
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  4. Check out also SunContract (SNC). Real Business Platform launch in days/weeks, First Decentralized Energy Market. Great team. Low market cap. 27M$, low price $0.25. Great potential in 2018. 100x-1000x. The SunContract platform empowers individuals, with an emphasis on home owners, to freely buy, sell or trade electricity. Instead of being hamstrung by natural monopoly of traditional power generators and distributors, you can exchange electricity with any person you wish directly. Blockchain will make 2018 really interesting with real use cases and solutions for a better future for all.

  5. Hello guys just want to see if this cryptocurrency thing works or is all just bs. Can someone send me just 1 dogecoin. DTikwn5Xew3XL3bpoGENznz7FtUQqyf6ji
    I'm very sceptical about all this. Just opened a dogecoin account to see if this works. Can someone send me just 1 dogecoin. Thank u so much and have a great day

  6. With all this trading, how are you going to do your taxes? Could you put a small video on that when you get a chance?

  7. Hey do you think we should hold this for next few days coz its dropping like hell… i bought it at .00000940 ltc its already at .00000400… kindly suggest.. i am talking about XRY

  8. First of all, good job on the videos. Second of all, Ripple already nearly hit $4. Are we going to see $10 a coin? More like $50 short-term!

    LTC: LKwSkevjwkXga3LxnbEqsLFP6kqzKTqkMr

  9. Hey, I think you are doing a very fine job and really appreciate your effort. Can you also post a video on top ten coins according to you and why? Also, what are the top ten coins YOU have invested in… Thanks again.

  10. Dude ripple was a pump and dump too. I joined several pump discords just to keep an ear out…. I got screwed out of all my coins because of being scared to lose my money.

  11. I've been trying to make my first investment and buy some ethereum to get started, and I can't even find a freaking exchange I trust. Got locked out of coinbase, and most others aren't accepting new clients.

  12. Kucoin exchange has the best selection of cryptocurrencies and pretty awesome features. It offers must have coins like UTK (Utrust) that Binance is missing. Its newly emerging exchange that values customers and is going to skyrocket in very near future. Remember my words, please.

  13. You’re doing a great job man, you were crystal clear about the risks and day-trade nature in your other video. If people didn’t watch and drew conclusions, their bad. Day trading isn’t my thing, but thanks for your honestly and still sharing those opportunities because hey, they can be low risk-high return if you are reasonable in what you invest, so worth noticing. Good observations, and everyone should know the risks involved with any buy, so everyone should do their own due diligence, and thanks for sharing yours brother.

  14. dont worry what ppl think.thanks for dong this.can u recommend a good exchange for theses alt coins.binance nt taking on any new subs.thanks in advance

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