How To Turn Air Into Drinking Water

3 Cool Gadgets Under $50 – This machine from Ecoloblue takes moisture from the air and turns it into clean drinking water….


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  1. Yes, it's a real product, but I urge you DO NOT order this from EcoloBlue. I paid for and ordered one Dec. 13, 2017 and have contacted them repeatedly with no unit sent yet. I contacted my credit card company to process a refund. They are moving, have no working phone number and are not really set up for business. Terrible excuse for business experience. Their web site proudly says delivery in 6-8 weeks: Dont' believe it! Ridiculous customer service.

  2. so cool ! you are ecologic ! you don't use water from pipes ! Whooot !! ……. oh wait ? but you use many many KiloWatts by day to make this thing work 24h/24 ….

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