10 Surprisingly Small Electric Cars That Exist in 2018 (Review of Prices and Specifications)

You might have noticed that cars around us are getting bigger with each year. In our opinion, this is rather strange since all of the statistics show, that the majority of the time people drive alone, at best with a companion next to them.

So why would auto manufacturers want to waste resources? Cars should be getting smaller! And it seems that visionaries of electric vehicles understand this idea and come up with rather interesting tiny designs, that might become a usual thing on the roads in the future. In this episode we collected 10 of the smallest electric cars that exist today.

Cars featured in this video:

Arcimoto SRK: arcimoto.com

Arcimoto SRK is world’s first fully electric Fun Utility Vehicle. Its starting price is $11,900 and it is road-legal in all 50 states.

Microlino: micro-mobility.com/en/experience-micro/microlino

Microlino is an electrified revival of Italian-styled BMW Isetta. It is a subcompact car for 2 priced at $14,900.

Uniti: uniti.earth

Uniti EV is a stylish three-wheeled electric car that is supposed to become the ultimate city transport of the near future. It is developed by the Swedish automotive startup Uniti Sweden that was founded in 2016.

Ampere Motor The One: amperemotor.com

The creators of The One from the American startup Ampere Motors set a goal for themselves to build a beautiful EV at an affordable price that wont exceed $10,000, its name is Ampere One.

Vanderhall Motor Edison2: vanderhallusa.com/Edison

Edison2 is a lightweight all electric two-seater on three wheels. It was designed by a Utah-based company Vanderhall Motor and is already available for reserve.

Infiniti Prototype 9: infinitinews.com/en-US/infiniti/usa/releases/infiniti-reveals-prototype-9-at-2017-pebble-beach-concours-d-elegance

Nissan’s high end Infiniti division brought to the world a conceptual one seater retro car with an electric motor at its core.

Sondors Electric Car sondorselectriccar.com

This company is most known for manufacturing electric bicycles, but the CEO Storm Sondors has recently embarked on a mission of producing an affordable all-electric car for the masses.

Morgan EV3: morgan-motor.co.uk/ev3

The most recent newcomer to the Morgan lineup is the sports three-wheeler with an electric powertrain called Morgan EV3.

Electra Meccanica Solo: electrameccanica.com

Nowadays most urban residents drive to work by themselves. With this fact in mind, the engineers at Electra Meccanica created the Solo – the ultimate electric city car just for one passenger.

E-go Life: e-go-mobile.com/de/modelle/e.go-life

One of the most recent newcomers among small all-electric four wheelers is E-go Life. This car can accommodate two passengers, but weighs only 1800 pounds.


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  1. When are electric vehicle manufacturers going to wake up!, And realise that people don't want micro death traps. What consumers want is the capacity to carry 4 passengers , and some luggage space , speeds up to 75 + mph, and lastly a range of 200 miles of a much shorter recharge time.In my opinion you can solve the majority of those problems with a minivan or VW bus type platform , add regenerative braking and cover it in solar cells and you can extend the range somewhat. Plus you have tons of room for a hugs battery ? pack. Consumers could start with z 50-100 mi. Range pack and either add capacity as needed , or better yet , rent a plug in long distance pack for longer trips.

  2. Nothing shocks me more than a HUUUUGE many passenger SUV sitting in a traffic jam with just one person. I wish the gas prices in the US was >$5.00/ga. That would make people demand vehicles that make sense and spur on the electric vehicle movement.

  3. For price/range/speed/parking size in the metroplex I'd go with the Sondors for sure! That thing is really nice inside and out with great stats for such a small price tag!

  4. I wonder if any of these qualify for federal and state rebates? $5,000 for federal and $7,500 for my state. Probably have to have all 4 wheels. I kinda like the old BMW Isetta because it's so quirky. Knocks the Microlino down to $2,400 purchase price. Of course probably have to pay taxes on the full amount. Maybe $3,500 down, finance the rest, get the rebates and pay off the loan. Sweet.

  5. Sondors does stand out from all of those cars! It is by far the best compromise amongst price (affordable) performances (170hp), design (at least for me!) and of course "chances to be really produced"! I bet this is the only one to hit the market …

  6. the cost is insaine meaning not worth a crap. every one could have a bike engine in it much cheaper longer range and the bike engine can power an electric motor too. uniti 18.500 and ugly. evs 50.000 is that a joke . a 60s mini cooper would be better but in composite material and a motor bike engine and electric motor combo.
    at least it looks good and well established looks. and quite roomy.. yes the 60s mini could come back.i will have one at £3.000 uk cost. 3d printed £2.000.

  7. Have you seen the ZEV Electric T3-1? Its in production, and they are being delivered. $6300 for the lowest price model, $9200 for the long range one.

  8. It looks like most of these are a long ways from meeting the crash standards that are used in the US. Compare these to a car like the Ioniq electric that is already shipping in production and meets crash standards, not to mention a dealer network. It seems like these companies have a long way to to IMO.

  9. I have an even better solution then smaller deathtraps…oops sorry…cars.how bout auto makers stop yearly new models,hiw bout every other yr for new models or every 2yrs for new car models,this woykd save waaaay more resources then tiny little shitbox cars where as they get smaller the becone more useless and less utilitarian…how bout that for a solution.if you coukd stop being a pupoet for the sjw liberal left maybe you free your brain and think for yourself instead of along the corporate democrat controlled mantra/agenda.

  10. I live in Canada. I'm tired of cars that don't have roofs on them. We have rain and a lot of snow in the winter plus it's a big country. Unless the car has a significant range and I have a house and another car I wont even consider an electric car without a roof. I would rather a Tesla.

  11. Bullshit. Not a single one of these cars are practical for commuting. The P.9 isn't even street legal. Three-wheel vehicles are very twitchy and tiring to drive at freeway speeds — look up reviews on the Polaris Slingshot. The Microlino is dangerous. The front-opening Italian design was discontinued because it folded up like an accordion in an accident. Some of these "cars" are very expensive, too. An extra $20000 for a car? $20000 buys a lot of gas.

  12. It'll be interesting to see which of these vehicles actually make it onto the road. There's a lot of hope involved in some of these projects, and they need some real regulatory help to bring them to the US market in numbers to inspire infrastructure changes. It'd be nice if the government brought back the EV tax credit for 2- and 3-wheel electric vehicles…

  13. The manufacturers of electric cars do sometimes apply unusual design decisions to their vehicles but the cars from these video are so unusual, they are kind of brilliant and would perfectly fit the needs of any urban citizen. What do you think about them and would you ever spend your money on something like this?

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