*WARNING* Avoid This Coin At All Costs!

This coin might seem to be on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency, but anyone buying into it is teetering on the brink of disaster. We’ve talked about this coin before, and admittedly even missed the cryptic warnings of JR Business and the lambo boys. But now all the red flags are plain as day to see. This crypto coin could very well be the next Bitconnect. Be careful out there.

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  1. Hey Fanboy, 1. check the donation account. Its all still there. You failed to mention that. If it was a scam don't you think they would be selling it off little by little. 2. Verge did not have a ICO like many other coins. So they started with nothing, only what they mined themselves like everyone else. 3. The verge team is truly community based. All the work done and everything that has been done has been by the entire XVG community. Making it a truly decentralized coin. More so that Monero, oh yeah how much did they pay you to make this video.

  2. Going to send this video to my cousin who didn't believe me about Verge. I went with ETN to invest in and he went all in on Verge. Right now he is laughing at me while his coin goes up in the short term. Looks like i will be laughing in the end. LOL!!!!

  3. Thanks Doug. Great Video But that shirt tho is ugly AF. Burn it immediately.
    I made good money with Verge with that wraith idiocy. That guy. "the #1 rated video production company in Austin, Texas." lol …Wow, he's a major media mogul. Better do what he does.

  4. Just spoke to Justin, he's blocking you from his youtube channel as well. lol… Good research btw. Verge is like Trump, failed in so many ways yet its moving up.


    *Verge is not a fork to dogecoin
    *They accepted donations because
    They Never had an ICO like a lot of coins
    * They were never hacked 51% like claimed or accidentally FORKED that’s just ridiculous
    * Why would the founder exit scam and show his face and why wouldn’t he did that during the McAfee pump
    * You don’t understand how TOR or the dark web works, you will see IP addresses but they are not linked to your actual IP address, Tor network scrambles ip addresses
    * you never mentioned Why tokenPay funded most of there donations
    * Many people have issues with Coinbase withdrawing there USD from there platform it’s a very known issue with coinbase
    * He was on a interview with you tubers The Larry and Joe Show for an hour, if it was a scam he would straight up screw those guys big time
    * Justin is just a developer so he is being him self, not some fake well spoken well dress guy explains how great the coin is he is like us regular developers he is not over hyping everything just telling us what is to come

    Last but not least you are just upset you never got in when it was below a penny YOUR LOSS
    Keep pumping your Monaro coin don’t worry Doug I’m going to keep my subscription to your channel but don’t shit on something you don’t have any bags


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