Go Vacation – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is Go Vacation the perfect game for the Summer? Or should this port be left on the Wii? Find out in our review! ——————————— Follow GameXplain!


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  1. I love the fact how switch is trying to revive offline couch multiplayer games ,they are even launching titan quest with local multiplayer. This is what real fun is , we make memories for lifetime when we play games with friends or family on same couch

  2. I love this game, I don’t care about the graphics barely changing, in a way it makes it better. It reminds you of the original a lot. I don’t have a switch currently, but I plan to get one soon. This game would definitely be on my list.

  3. Urgh, is that Daan again? No offense but he's really obnoxious in his reviews.. Darn it, I wanted to view this before getting the game too.. Oh well, time to find another then..

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