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  1. …it isn’t conspiracy but facts and so much bigger you can’t even imaging. People is a war wake up and smell the coffee and before you start calling the host and myself names, get off your back end, turn the tele off and research. Once you start down this rabbit hole you’re in for a rude awaking, may the Lord be with you….well do you have what it takes???

  2. The stories you see in the papers or on the Internet are designed to make u believe that retail investors read these stories got scared and left the market but really these stories are a way of covering the manipulation. So when the price drops everyone looks back to the recent fud and thinks that is the reason the market dropped when in fact it was sold high then shorted then brought back at a discount.
    When you watch the market cap on coin market cap you can see it jump by 20-30 billion in minutes sometimes that is not retail investors that is institutions

  3. The whole market is controlled by bitcoin they rushed through regs to allow a futures market. It is the only future that can be traded outside of regulation. Mt Gox started selling in massive chunks the day after the futures were opened knowing it would be shorted. Mt Gox was able to tank the market by taking 400 million of real money out of the crypto currency market that should tell u market cap is not a true metric and this sector is alot smaller with real cash than we all believe.

    These banks are sharks and pay off all major news feeds ccn,cnn when they tell u it's going up -it's really going down .
    These markets are designed to rob retail investors.
    Crypto will not die because it is a cash cow with a whole industry being born around it thry can pull the price in any direction they want
    Retail investors have little effect on the price now

    There is no conspiracy ALL markets are rigged there is no free markets

    Will it go up again?
    Maybe it's up to the institutions that now run this market

  4. I started warning everyone since December! Numerous posts on my instagram (which lots of people follow for my advice) called me paranoid. I managed a lot of people’s portfolio and that parabolic curve after September gave in an influx of investors who did not hear my warnings. I drew some basic derivative lines and took money calling $8,350-8500 it’s real price by November when it was well over that. As you can guess lots of investors thought of me as pessimistic and went with someone else.

  5. The silver bear market lasted 7 years. How long with the crypto bear market last? I’m down 30% on crypto. I got in far too late. Time to cut some losses I think. The whole financial market is starting to correct. Time for flight to safety. Real estate is in a bubble. Gold, silver, and cash for the next year or two I think. Cash sucks but at least the decline is only -3% a year. Better than -30% a quarter which is the trend crypto is on.

  6. Kirb, you are SPOT on! I regularly engage in crypto discussion as part of massive local crypto community in Chicago.
    I have brought this up before – that it was going to happen eventually – just not so soon.

    As we know, the crypto market cap approached a trillion dollars in 2017 and this had to put high-level fiat managers on edge, as well as fiat bankers. Two or three banks could purchase the entire crypto-market with their spare change and I believe that something like this including a combination of what you're pointing out here is highly plausible.

    The up patterns – and down patterns are curiously strange.


  7. The question is, why are trading bots allowed on the exchanges? It means that the exchanges are in on it. Disallow the bots and its back in people's hands.

  8. I don't want to say that any of this is wrong, I would like to point out that BTC is not the only crypto that has had down trend, with few exceptions, the entire crypto market is down. So unless the manipulation is being done on all crypto currencies, this is mostly speculative.

  9. Just a thought. You think all the speculation of upcoming sec Involvement pulled all the illegal money out of the market? Just sayn, pablo used to stockile billions.

  10. Did you see how they dumped gold when it hit $1350? CME Group…this is what they do. Futures trading should be illegal….and no…this correction is not natural. I agree with you %100.

  11. Totally agree, manipulation is plain to see. Alt fiat pairing is essential, and it's going to happen which is great news, with Binance, ETHOS, and others…

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  14. Hi could you please explain when you compared the start of derivatives trading for GOLD and bitcoin?? Hasnt gold futures been traded for a very long time already and not from the peak of 2011 as you have drawn?

  15. Wouldn't be surprising at all. The rich manipulate every other market, including the regulators of such markets, why wouldn't they do the same with crypto if it makes them money? Just time your transactions to when they make their moves.

  16. good advice for short term traders, who want to make money fast. as a term one, who hodl real btc in my wallet, after witnessing how btc survived all dooms and seeing the world's hope of full scale adoption, btc is worth hodling. but as short term traders, yeah, you really should be careful

  17. Manipulation is the only explanation at this point. I expected a correction at some point, but the resistance to recovery seems very manipulated. I used to see massive manipulation in the forex market. I would like to see it climb it's way back up.

    Excellent analysts.

  18. CRYPTO KIRBY Who are these huge green candles that precede the huge red sell offs a couple hours later? I mean mathematically, why are they even buying if it gets sucked right out? Priming the pump for suckers or battling bots? I dont get it. UGH! Thanks for your expertise bro!

  19. Good to see someone talking about the manipulation on YouTube. How low will it go? Will it be supressed as much as gold and silver have been since the spike 8-9 years ago? I guess we'll see.

  20. What you've got there at the beginning of the video is a classic Bart Simpson pattern. It just happened to be for the daily close. Nothing to see here…

    But for real, you're on it man. Banging the close, no doubt. It's not a conspiracy.

  21. BTW, Kirby…did you know that the CEO of the CMEwas criticized for approving futures so fast….he had some dumb excuse that the board use other workarounds to get it approved…for anyone that doesn't believe it was the government wanting to tame this thing fast and get it approved, needs to have their head checked…they wanted to get in fast so they could crush this momentum

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