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The cryptocurrency market is on a bit of a bull run! Which altcoins are on the rise and which crypto should you be watching?!
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  1. I feel like Dorothy looking around at all this green… Thanks for the Bull Video ??????????

  2. Another day like this and i will certainly breakeven on my capital:) another month like this then its all profit… NCASH to the Moon!!!


  3. With the Dominance shifting towards Alt coins! I'm seeing a double payout! Let the Alts run now, and BTC run later, I expect traps, Hope for gradual improvements!!!!! Great content from you and CCN!

  4. The bеst Telеgram chаnnel whеrе АIRDROPs аre рublishеd everу dау. (@airdrop_yes) АIRDROР – at nо соst distrеbution оf toкens to еverуone frоm diffеrеnt icо! Giving оnly 2-4 minutes рer dаy оn rеgistrаtion in diffеrеnt Airdroр it is рossible to eаrn 1ОО – 4ОО dollаrs pеr dау!

  5. The crypto show which makes my weeks better. Shout out from Mama Africa and hope to see 200 k subs in the near future! Cheers for everything bro! ALSO WAN WILL BE A GEM IN 2018!


  6. The highest I got SUB was when it was $1.18 and the lowest was at $0.61 so it's still bellow what I paid. Rekt unless I HODL long term!

    ETH: 0x6Bbc8d8f5b45BFf80052AF208807E2Ac77d63731
    LTC: LW6GEDsZGr8Gx9dKwHNq3wNv5d3aEDX4in

  7. I bought my first purchase of btc when it was 2700. It dropped and I freaked out and sold red. Bought back in at 4k, burned that I had such weak hands. My problem was I kept buying every paycheck all the way up. I've continued to do so on the way down and my hands have become STRONG with the force, which has done wonders for fapping… Lulz

  8. Exciting times for sure. Kind of expecting for it to drop at least one more time. We shall see. If you could only afford $500 a month into crypto. What kind of strategy would you recommend?


  9. At first, those awkward silence were weird, but I grown to like it. Funny stuff. I hope this is indeed a nice bullrun because I need to recover some losses. Hopefully it's Ripple that blows up hard.

    LTC: LQwW261yVvMZ69BmaMbZZEzHMFwDDjsf3Z

  10. Hi zack n max …great advice on Wanchain few days back…bought at 4.5.. Am definitely seein results…now! I need those LTC coins

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