LIVE: Fitrova SCAM UPDATE – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 7/5/2018

LIVE: Fitrova SCAM UPDATE – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 7/5/2018 –

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Bryan’s confession / cover up video:
Fitrova’s Tweet about connections:
Australia Business Register:
Fitrova WhoIs Lookup:
BI article about Centra:
CCN video from Zach:
CCN’s Non disclosed Video about Fitrova’s Buyout:

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  2. CryptosRUs you named your brand after toysRUs, which is a failed business and brand, having completely closed its doors for good. you're the man

  3. Thanks George. The poker/Doug Polk/Phil Helmuth connection here is that years ago when online poker shut down in the US, online poker players were forced into illegal offshore sites whose preferred and main payment method is cryptocurrency. It is how I got into cryptocurrency along w many online gamblers, we love that shit!

  4. George, he definitely did because I was an investor and Im in the US which made me question it, it wasn't alot but still its the principle of the thing.

  5. W W W. B I T E I. C O is still paying, get 100% returns on your investment in 12 hours and a subsequent daily payout of 20% for the next 5 days. Best wishes!!!

  6. Good george, im in frv. Dam it. Thanks to zack of ccn. 400 dollars lost.
    That bryan scam us 2 times. With frv and the swap to the new one

  7. Been watching you for quite some time now. Ardor was a pain in the ass, still got a big bag of powerledger which btw pumped pretty much last week. I am not even close too the price i bought in but hey green candles in a bear seems like a good sign. Your honesty in videos is what will make you a succes.

  8. Hello my friend George. Do you think that July 18 is going to be a crash trigger? Considering last couple of years bitcoin was walking through a valley every July. What is your opinion?

  9. George you’re the one go to cryto guy I listen/watch. Very honest and just trying to help. I did watch CCN for awhile but they are all in it for them selfs. I stopped watching them after they kept shilling hashflare which is a total rip. It honestly doesn’t surprised me they did something like this again

  10. I’m outraged at this story Fitova, so many people heading to jail from scams in Crypto. Zac from Crypto Coin, I’d get some legal advice if I was you, and take that dam video down!

  11. Just finished watching.. great video. I love how you look out for your followers and do extensive research on coins when they are up to no good. I don't always agree with your views but I respect you and your opinion because its valuable in this community and you are one of the great ones.

  12. Bytecoin has been a top 30 coin for years.. not sure why you act like its new to the high 20's.. Also i know at one point you said it was a fork from Bitcoin.. and thats false.. Bytecoin is the original Cryptonight coin.. they made the Ring Technology that is used in Monero.. Monero is actually a fork from bytecoin.

    I'm not a fan of bytecoin but at least give it the credit it deserves.. the tech is solid. The team are a bunch of pump and dump shills.

  13. I nominate nuls and accumulated some more. Now that a got your attention, George, would you please take a peek at luxcoin. Does the coin make any sense on the market or are the features overloaded?

  14. Not a fan of pundi x? Working product with growing sales and being used in stores in India already. Allows for individuals with out a bank account to not only purchase cryptos, but to purchase any goods in actual stores. Would love to hear your analysis of it, Good or bad

  15. George can you please cover the XRP/Ripple scam!? Its going to be the financial downfall of those who do not do true due diligence. Thank you.

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