The Future of CryptoCurrency? – Crypto AI on the Blockchain – BotChain ICO Review

The future of cryptocurrency with crypto AI on the blockchain!
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  1. Hi Zach and Friends,
    Botchain looks good think im going in this one!
    Greetings from Holland
    ETH: 0xCB114d7F5e9f6C51EF500ef98Fe8132390Fc136e

  2. Project seems very decent, although a bit futuristic !!
    Ill researh a bit more but looks like ill invest

  3. Sounds like it could be something. worth looking into further down the road for sure. Thanks

  4. Botchain seems like a great ico. Even though there is an oversaturation of a.i. projects Botchain may be a leader 0x6e665568088f2114d0ad4932c61b50f6f3ebff28

  5. Bots scare me. But now they scare me a little less. Very interesting project. Thanks for showing all of us.

  6. Wouldn't count it out… but I wouldn't necessarily count it in. Will need to see some use cases and a MVP demo.


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