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  1. Id play Tacoma over Gone Home anytime. But the stories of both games are too predictable. I don't even know why I played gone home till the ending. The moment i started playing it I knew that there was SPOILER ALERT, there was not going to be a horror aspect and as I met Sam's girlfriend Lonnie, I immediately knew they probably ran away together. Not such an impactful story considering that there is no gameplay xD. Tacoma on the other hand had a nice twist to it and I actually felt like listening to the characters, was fun!

  2. This game's pretty sweet. Great graphics and interesting world building. But yeah if you don't like "walking simulator" games then you definitely won't like this!

  3. social justice warrior's wet dream of future where everyone is lesbian or indian, no white males. maybe they put them in concentration camps in mid 2000. very sick game

  4. The title of this game disturbs me greatly. The single most terrifying city in Washington State. Every time the reviewer says "in Tacoma" I immediately start turning me head 360 degrees in anxiety.

  5. So far we've had Halo Wars 2, Tacoma, and then we got Forza 7, Crackdown 3, Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare, State of Decay 2, PUBG, and many more coming this fall and spring 2018. Xbox is making a good comeback.

  6. I'm honestly shocked it's not on PS4. All good games seem to be on PS4 (either multi-platform or exclusive), and that shows how well PlayStation has been doing in recent years. Kudos to Xbox for getting something. lol

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