How I started on YouTube? Portless Smartphones & Nigerian Phone Manufacturers #AskFisayo 1.0

First #AskFisayo video, can’t wait to share more videos in the new space! Watch my Biggest Collab: Check out Salem on …


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About the Author: Fisayo Fosudo


  1. Ughh so glad to see another video from you. Loove the new setup.

    Also did anyone notice how hard fisayo was trying to not sound sarcastic while answering the turtleneck question?? I paused the video to laugh???

  2. you said this

    you people should stop asking me this type of questions like this
    i dont appreciate you people asking me questions like this
    but then again i am d……… lets leave that … like that ….. nice vide bro

  3. I don't know what made me happier, the fact that I learnt a lot, or the fact that you know your stuff, or the fact that you gave Salem a shout out because he's the best thing on the internet rn, or the fact that you are incredibly cute and goofy.. We look forward to more videos from you #FodaAdu

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