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  1. This is a big low for IGN. This just shows how incredibly biased they are towards certain games. This game is in development for 5 months if i recall and in extremely early alpha. Which review company is going to review and bash a game that’s barely even finished let alone half way. They didn’t do this with H1Z1 or PUBG either. I don’t care for this game as battle royal games aren’t for me. But this “review” is both dissrespectful and unprofessional.

  2. they should go all in with the goofiness and replace the "real" guns with things like a chicken shooter and puffer fish grenades.

  3. To anyone saying this game is good you're wrong it's a rushed piece of trash that they released in a almost unplayable state to cash in on the already dying craze of "battle royale".
    To people asking why their reviewing a game in early access and that they should stop doing that, well maybe devolpers should stop realising games in this state maybe they should finnish their game before trying to make money on it.

  4. Fortnite is a trash game made for casuals. All I hear at work is dudes talking about Fortnite, they're the same guys that only play sports games and COD. Not true gamers.

  5. Doing a full review for an early access game makes no sense at all. Cuz in few months or weeks it can change a lot making the game much better or much worst. It's just not reliable at all.

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