Game Night Review (2018)

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  1. Casting was off , Bateman looks 49 and McAdams looks younger than 39, Bateman is so much older than all of his friends, they start with a lame backstory at a fertility clinic, there should have been an ex-wife or with Batemans Justformen he could have come out straight, it was funny but there were not enough laughs to make up for the unconvincing plot, a kind 6/10 at best. Have laughed more at Bateman when watching him on Conan.

  2. No no no no a 6.5 or 6 is a fair score not 9 this is why u watch it 4 yourself or rely on reviews either or wont give you a satifying result unless if u decide to watch it

  3. I called it from the first trailer I saw, so pleased that it turned out to be such a success. Already have seen it twice and enjoyed it each time.

  4. I thought the trailer looked dreadful, but saw it anyways because I love Jason Bateman's work. This review is spot-on. Such a pleasant surprise. It's one of the best-made silly comedies in quite some time. I'd go so far as to say it feels almost like a early Edgar Wright film thanks to its execution and visual flourishes, which is no small feat given he's probably one of the best visual directors working today.

  5. I'm really surprised with this score, a 9! Went to see it two days ago expecting a comedy as good as the first Hangover. And I left the theater very disappointed. Apart from the jokes in the trailers there were like three or four other okay jokes in the movie. If the first Hangover was a 9, this should be a 7 at max in my opinion.

  6. The movie looks promising, I am looking forward to see it. and thank you for the spoiler.

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