Can You Trust Unbox Therapy? | Painfully Honest Tech

Can You Trust Unbox Therapy? In this second installment of my Can You Trust series, I look at Unbox Lew and his channel to surmise whether or not you he and Jack have your back when it comes…


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  1. Through trash on other bloggers to get more subscriber is not a good strategy! I personally will not subscribe to your channel.

  2. He's the poster child of a douchebag, his video are about entertaining and silly, useless stuff. There's no actual value on that channel, if someone buys something based on his videos it's his own fault. I can't watch this guy for 5 seconds

  3. "That makes him the biggest tech YouTuber out there…"

    I did the research and for some reason I always thought MKBHD was bigger than UnboxTherapy but that is not, in fact, the case. I'm literally shocked.

  4. 1. Two new videos by different reviewers today are REVIEWING EACH OTHER.

    2. I don't want balance; I want the truth. About the products, not about you guys doing cutting contests or mutual adoration.

  5. I thought I could until he had me convinced that the Sennheiser PXC 550 were the best wireless noise canceling headphones. They are good, not great, but I wish I would have spent my money on the Sony 1000XM2. He's gotten to big. That's why I only watch you JTL! You rock! Thanks for the awesome videos.

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