Super Mario Odyssey Review

Mario’s new romp fuses old with new in a joyous adventure that should not be missed. The First 20 Minutes of Super Mario Odyssey Why Super Mario…


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  1. But isn't Mario the same thing over and over again you okay that level you best it cool next one go on to into a castle that's one of characters helping bowser then the final level beat bowser you see what I mean right also but the only reason that's a good side for its not a boss fight were you press a button or axe then bowser goes big or that's just it and you save peach and you get a kiss that's the weird part I don't get about Mario

  2. Im really liking this game but im not a fan of how there are so many power moons in each world. I dont really feel like im accomplishing anything/not as satisfying since theyre all so easy to find. I wish it was more like mario64 where they gave you little hints on how to find each star, and some were hard to find too, do any of you feel the same way?

  3. NO, NO, NO! The Witcher 3 has one of the best stories in decades and a deep combat system with over 40 enemies and gets a 9.3! I'm done.

  4. I've only discovered today that I haven't finish any Mario game in my life.
    I started playing them but only ended up to the 5th world or less.
    But I have finished approximately about 300 or more games total in Gba, DS, Psp, Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, Ps4, PC, Android and a handful of Xbox games.

  5. How?… This game is a disappointing sequel to Galaxy and even 3D world. It has tedium, rehashes and focuses on nostalgia WAY TO MUCH!
    BoTW is an 6, Odyssey is a 6.
    How is Odyssey as good as the masterpiece that is Galaxy?

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