DON’T Buy The iPhone X

I used the iPhone X for 2 weeks. I don’t think you should buy the iPhone X. Follow me on Twitter for giveaway – Sponsored by GoDaddy, check out GoCentral here…


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  1. Which flagship smartphone would you choose? Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, OnePlus 5T, Razer Phone, Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, iPhone X or something else?

  2. I went with the iPhone X. Liked you video. Made very good points but I went with the iPhone X for 2 reasons. 1) I like the IOS platform better then android. 2) I have iMac, MacBook Pro, AppleTv, iPad, iWatch & AirPods so works together with very little effort and would be very difficult to change. There are a lot better phones but would cost me more to switch & I don,t like the issues I run into with the Android platform. Like the google platform even less.

  3. You are absolutely right bro, I have been faithful to apple for years. But without Steve Jobs, they are just like everyone else. Nothing special about apple anymore. And they still kill you with the price.

  4. Bro it’s not like you have to walk up and slap $1,000 on the table to buy the damn thing. You can make payments do people not understand that concept

  5. I still have an iPhone 6s, which my job gave to me, and im stlll happy with it. I didnt like that that Apple got rid of the audio port after the iPhone6; having to use the adapter. Ill probably get a android phone sometime this year.

  6. 500 dollars i will pay for the Association of Engineer's Electrical Engineering professional course or i will go visit my wife in russia .

  7. Samsung S9+ calling my name and I gotta answer. Apple money hungry whores who slow down their devices ON PURPOSE, so that people have to buy the newest one.

  8. I loveddd the way you cared for the people wallet and hard earned money. I've visited Apple to replace my iphone 6 battery and told me i need to replace my screen as well b/c its damaged and battery only cant be replaced. So this will cost me $229 AUD and $449 to replace my phone with other iphone 6. I told them to FUCK OFF! I'm going with Android now!

  9. Babbyyy..!!!
    I don’t trust CHINESE


    How can u compare iOS with Android.

    Apple is class
    One+ is CHINESE


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