Have I Found The Ultimate Wallet?

The Mind-Blowing $600 Earbuds – https://youtu.be/W1xsO6ydetk?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Fantom Wallet – http://kck.st/2lWwbkp Is this the coolest wallet on planet earth? If you’re…


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  1. Thanks for the awesome review – I know what I want now! Gonna get it (although price is more than i'd like to pay I can't argue w/ the features)

  2. I own a Secrid but it's the one with the card holder + folding wallet bit and once you have 4-6 cards in it then your cards won't fly out like he showed…either his is quite old or he's only got 2-3 cards in his at times as I've tried doing that with mine and they would slowly move out of it by maybe 1cm or two.

  3. Honestly, not at all impressed with this wallet. The build quality is extremely low. I just got one in the mail…feels very cheap and flimsy. All mechanical parts of the latch are plastic and will probably break after a week or so.

    I think for a $30 price tag it could be worth it, but after paying $100+ CDN for what amounted to an empty Altoids case, I was extremely disappointed.

    I was kind of bummed to see Lewis signed off on it, tbh. I didn't take him for someone to support something that wasn't exactly up to speed. I still don't, I think he has good taste, but I guess you should take everything he says with a grain of salt.

  4. i have the wallet, feels cheap, coinholder has coins sliding around, everything is expensive on it, and cards dont fan out as well as he shows. kinda unhappy with it

  5. Everything I've check out about these wallets made me believe they was made in the USA. Sad to see once I ordered mine I'm supporting a company having their product made in China . Also took 5 weeks to get.

  6. This is everything I'm looking for!
    It's way too expensive and the website recommends not to sit on it and to keep it in a front pocket.
    I have to order it online. I can't hold it, touch it, play with it, until I own it,
    The website has no remarks about the return policy.
    I still might buy one but not today or this month.

  7. I like it, I want one, I currently have the exact same wallet you had before switching to the Fantom… I don't do Kickstarters/Pre-orders anymore…

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