The Fastest WiFi I’ve Tested…

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  1. My wifi is 46MBPS Download and 18MBPS Upload, my house is big, so connection isn't really affective in some places lol

  2. Verizon FiOS with Google WiFi Mesh Routers
    392 mbps Download
    316 mbps Upload
    Ping: 6ms

    Verizon FiOS without Google Mesh Routers
    414 mbps Download
    321 mbps Upload
    Ping: 4ms

  3. My speed is 15mbps download and 0.50-1mbps upload.

    But If you want super fast wifi go with Rogers… They're overpriced with some stuff but you'll be getting Unbox Therapy status WiFi

  4. But can you switch the plug in socket so it's for US and EUROPE ??? I only see a US plugin socket for electricity :/ If it has a europe plugin socket let me know, im really interested in buying it.

  5. 0.25 MB/s Down and 0.01 MB/s Up … Pretty bad connection here in Germany. Luckily i will switch to another provider tomorrow. (Finally)

  6. Someone help me, if I have this do I not need to be paired with like a cable company for wifi? This would do everything for me?

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